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Hearts of Iron IV Cheats

Hearts of Iron IV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Press ~ the console window should show up.

Code Effect
tp – Activates teleporting.
ale [amount] – Adds latest equipment of desired number.
ae [amount] [name] – Adds specific equipment of desired number.
debug_nuking – Allows nuking any province without specific conditions.
adiplo – Allows usage of all diplomatic actions.
instantconstruction. – Buildings finish in all day. Affects AI players too.
event [event id] – Executes an event.
help – Shows list of all commands.
manpower – 10 million manpower.
research_on_icon_click – Click on a technology to research.
instantconstruction – Instant construction (also affects AI players).
ic – Instant construction (also affects AI players).
fow – Remove fog of war.
winwars – Give 100% warscore.
adiplo – Allow usage of all diplomatic actions.
allowdiploadiplo – Allow usage of all diplomatic actions.
ae [amount] [name] – Add specific equipment.
pp – 999 politcal power.
xp – 999 military experience.
research all – All research complete.
ai_accept – AI accepts everthing you send them.
tag [country tag] – Change playable nation.

Press ~ the console window should show up.

Code Effect
civilwar [ideology] [country tag] – Starts a civil war in desired country.
whitepeace [tag] [tag] – White peace between specific countries.
add_equipment [amount][equipment name] – Add chosen equipment
add_latest_equipment 5000 – Add 5,000 of the latest equipment in
every category.

Note: Some examples are “civilwar fascism POL” for the fascists to start a civil
war in Poland, “civilwar democratic ITA” for the democrats to start a civil war
in Italy, and “civilwar communism AST” for the communists to start a civil war i
n Australia.

Equipment names:
Use one of the following names with the “add_equipment [amount] [equipment name]” code:

Support Equipment
Modern Tank
Infantry Equipment III
Light Tank II
Medium Tank
Super Heavy Tank
Towed Anti-Tank
Towed Anti-Air
Towed Artillery
Rocket Artillery
Fighter I
Close Air Support I
Heavy Fighter
Tactical Bomber I
Strategic Bomber I

Activate Console + Cheat Codes Guide:
Written by Maverick_Sidious

Here is a guide with every “cheat codes” in the game.

-=Activating Console=-
* To get started with Cheat Codes, they are a game feature that work
only in single player.
* You don’t risk anything using those.
* You won’t get any achievement using console commands.
* To open console in game, you have to use one of these hotkeys:

² – Usually under ESC button.
ALT + 2 + 1

Then, simply enter the command(s) you want to use and close console back with
one of those hotkeys.

-=Cheat Codes: Construction=-
ic – Stands for “Instant Construction”. AI will use it aswell, you can activate
it and pause the game, after you’re done with constructions you can deactivate it
and unpause the game.

-=Cheat Codes: Focuses=-
Focus.AutoComplete – If the two commands below are activated, you’ll be able to
instant complete any focus. AI will also use it, you might aswell deactivate it
after doing a focus and reactivate it when you need it.

Focus.NoChecks – Ignores focus requirements.

Focus.IgnorePrerequisites – Ignores focus prerequisites.

-=Cheat Codes: Nuking=-
nuke {amount} – Gives nukes depending on the value chosen. Maximum is 999.
Example: nuke 999

debug_nuking – Allows nuking any province without taking care of conditions.

-=Cheat Codes: Politics=-
pp {value} – Gives political power depending on the value chosen. Maximum is 2000.
Example: pp 2000

allowdiplo – Allows use of any diplomatic action without justification.

Decision.NoChecks – Ignores decisions’ requirements.

yesman – Every AI countries will automatically accept diplomatic offers.

add_opinion {source country tag} {target country tag} –
Gives a better opinion of a country to another.
Example: add_opinion GER SOV

add_party_popularity {ideology group} {amount} –
Adds specific ammount of ideology percentage in the country you’re playing.

-=Ideology Groups are=-
c – Communist party. Stands for “communism”.
d – Democratic party. Stands for “democratic”.
f – Fascist party. Stands for “fascism”.
n – Other party. Stands for “neutrality”.
Example: add_party_popularity f 75

set_ruling_party {ideology group} –
Changes ruling party depending on ideology group chosen. Doesn’t affect party popularity.

Example: set_ruling_party f

civilwar {ideology} {country tag} – Starts a civil war on country chosen.

communism – Communist party.
democratic – Democratic party.
fascism – Fascist party.
neutrality – Other party.
Example: civilwar fascism fra

-=Cheat Codes: Research=-
research all – Researches all.

research_on_icon_click – Researches any technology on its tree on click.

-=Cheat Codes: XP and war=-
xp {amount} – Adds specified amount of “xp” for army, naval and air experiences. Maximum is 500.

cp {amount} – Adds specified amount of “command power”. Maximum is 100%.

st {amount} – Adds specified amount of “stability”. Maximum is 100%.

ws {amount} – Adds specified amount of “war support”. Maximum is 100%.

gain_xp {amount} – Adds specified amount of xp to general selected. Maximum level is 9.
Example: gain_xp 50000

annex {tag} – Annex country depending on tag chosen. “annex all” will annex every
countries not on the same faction as you.
Example: annex IRE
Example: annex all

winwars – Makes you win all the wars you were in.

bypass_invasion_superiority_check – Ignores requirements for naval invasions.

-=Cheat Codes: Tags=-
tag {tag} – Changes the country you’re controlling to another depending on tag chosen.
Example: tag ger:

-=Important Countries=-
FRA – France
USA – United States
ENG – United Kingdom
GER – German Reich
ITA – Italy
SOV – Soviet Union
POL – Poland
CHI – China

As for the others, you can enter “tdebug” on console and you’ll see the country tags when
browsing through the countries.

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