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Heavy Duty Cheats

Heavy Duty

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With the spread of mankind throughout the galaxy new colonies had to
be found in the vast reaches of space. Colonists and scientists made
the first landings, tasked with setting up settlements for others to
follow. These colonized planets are ruled by rival corporations
entrusted by the governments of Earth to protect its citizens from
harm. Little did they think from where that danger might manifest
On the frontiers of the human incursion into space hostile alien
forces have made themselves known, and they aren’t willing to share.
Beholden to the organizations in charge of this fragile frontier is
the militarized installation: Heavy Duty. Their task: to halt the
advance of the alien menace at all costs.

* Advanced graphical engine providing visual scale not seen before in
real-time action strategy
* Reverse kinematics mean the end of scripted animation and make sure
that characters interact with the world on a believable level
* Manage the base, characters and finances as you battle to keep the
alien menace at bay
* Engage the enemy in multiple ways from dogfights in the skies with
UFOs, to ground-based cleanup operations after wrecked UFOs crash
planetside as well as the whole-scale assault of alien bases or
the defence of your own
* Fully deformable terrain provides a new tactical challenge – blow
craters in the ground to provide your units with cover.

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