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Heavy Gear 1 Cheats

Heavy Gear 1

Cheat Codes:
While playing, hold CTRL-ALT-SHIFT
and type any of the following codes:

Code Effect
bedouinprince – Invulnerable
checkmatein2 – Complete the mission successfully
hesbackandhesgotagun – Unlimited ammo
deplikespudding – Free-eye mode (navigate using CTRL + arrow keys)

Note: If you use these codes you won’t be enlisted to
new units, your Combat Prority won’t increase, and you
won’t be able to learn new AI skills.

Cheat mode (alternate):
Press [Esc] at any time during game play when you are not in combat to
display a window. From there, click on the “Combat Variables” button,
then look for the codes you want. Click the desired check boxes on or
off as needed.

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