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Heavy Weapon Deluxe Cheats

Heavy Weapon Deluxe

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by:tocytbk tocytbk@yahoo.com

Go to “..PopcapgamesHeavyweapondata”. Now there are “xml” files.
Open it with notepad edit it how do you feel! Good Luck Commander!

Delicious Chicken:
Submitted by: ???

To do this you must get to level 5 (Zamblamia) and a nuke. Do not use
the nuke until you see a flying pterodactyl. Use the nuke.
After that you will notice that the dinosour become a fried chicken.

Dinosaur Skeleton:
Submitted by: Kian

Go to mission 5 (Zamblamia) and save a nuke.When you see a Brachiosaurus coming,use
the nuke and wath what happens to that Brachiosaurus!Cool Huh!!!

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