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Heckabomb Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy “ANGRIEST ANGEL” achievement:
The Enemy Ace can only be killed on level 26. The Enemy Ace is very difficult
to defeat because he flies by fast. Note: During his first flyby he will drop
a bomb. Focus all fire on him to wear him down. Each time he takes some damage,
he will create a shield. He will occasionally stop and spawn satellites to
protect him while shooting a powerful canon. Once again, focus on him by moving
from side to side, shooting a few satellites (or use a bomb), and wear him down.
He will create fewer satellites each time. You only have a very limited time to
kill him. If needed, quickly quit the game to avoid advancing to the next level.

Easy “UNLOCKED DUEL” achievement:
You will encounter the Enemy Ace in levels 16 and 26. You do not have to kill
him. Restarting the level will not work.

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