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Hegemonia – Legions Of Iron Cheats

Hegemonia – Legions Of Iron

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Selecting Production when in battle:
If you are being attacked at your planet and the game is going slowly,
pause game play. Select what you want to buy and resume the game.

Faster production:
There are two ways to build faster. The first is to build Robotic
Factories, Morale Stations, and Robotic Workers. This way, more
people will want to work. The other way is to speed up game time.
Sometimes your selected governor (hero on the planet) may help to
boost production and morale.

Level skipping:
On the first level of the third episode (Counterstrike), instead
of building and deploying a Military Base (as briefing suggests),
build up a full fleet and attack the Kariak planet (Khiirzask Prime).
As you got near, the objectives will change into conquering the planet.
Doing so will skip the next level (Taking Khiirzask). The same trick
of skipping works with the first level of the fifth episode(Darzok
intrigue): by helping the Kariak Government in defeating Mohr’Thep
will skip the next level (Rebirth of the Kariak Empire).
Both of them makes sense, because the skipped levels are consisting
of doing the same.

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