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Heli Attack 3 Cheats

Heli Attack 3

Cheat Codes:
Go to “Players”, and then “Cheats”. Enter one of the following codes.

Result Code
Unlocks Bow and arrow – John Rambo
Unlocks Chain gun – Old Faithful
Unlocks Sniper rifle – Its a Jackal
Unlocks Double shotgun – This is my boomstick
Unlocks Guided launcher – Follow the leader
Unlocks Drunken launcher – Moonshine
Unlocks GooGun – Gloop
Unlocks SparkPlug – 9 Volt
Unlocks LaserRifle – Alpha
Unlocks Auto laser rifle – Beta
Unlocks LaserShotgun – Gamma
Unlocks Anytime – I dont have time to bleed
Unlocks Airstrike – Call in artillery
Unlocks All Levels – You are the moon master
Unlocks A-Bomb Launcher – Missile launch detected
Unlocks Soundwaave – Bass in your face
Unlocks Canyon Lands – Aint no mountain high enough
Unlocks Underground Lab – Who rides the wrecking ball
Cute message – iopred
Programmer message – DayDream
Unlocks Flak Cannon – Shrapnel
Unlocks Black Hole Generator – Wash away the rain
Unlocks Amazon Jungle – Ive got jungle fever
Unlocks Bladerang – Australians all let us rejoice

All Weapons:
Submitted by: Haspa

This Code works most of the time. First select “players” on the main menu. Then
go to “cheats.” Next you MUST write this code in correctly with spaces or it
won’t work. The code is: “up up down down left right left right b a select start”
If not entered correctly the code will not work.

Collectors Edition Cheats:
Go to “Players”, and then “Cheats”. Enter one of the following codes to activate
the corresponding cheat function.

Code Effect
Firelines – Unlocks FireMines
Pure Pwnage – Unlocks AntiMatterCannon

In level 2-2, walk right on the screen after the first metal bridge. You will
go up an incline. Once at the top, there is a stump. Jump it and there will be
another. Hold [Modify] and crouch to fall, then shoot to the right to unlock
the Googun.

Extra weapons:
In levels 2-1, 2-2, and 2-3, you can get a machine gun and/or machine gun ammo
clip from every heli you destroy. Get the heli down to enough health, so that
it will only require one grenade to kill it. Use Hyper Jump (hold [Modify] and
press [Jump]) to get very close to the heli. You must be close enough to touch
it. Use a grenade to finish it off. The heli will drop a machine gun clip with
only 25 ammo in it. Note: This will not effect any of the weapons that the helis
usually drop; every other time you use this trick you will get two items.

Level 2-2: Hiding location:
In one of the grass levels (level 2-2), you can go under the hangout if you
press [Space]. You can then hide from the enemy. If you jump up onto the bridge
above, you cannot go straight down. You must walk over.

In training mode, hold [Space] and switch to Timebreak mode. Hold [Shift] and
start out with the pistol. While holding [Shift], shoot a horseshoe shape around
your body, sort of like a forcefield, with all the bullets. Continue holding
[Shift] and switch to every weapon and do this until you get to the railgun.
Release [Shift] and enjoy.

Create a orange cloud using the flamethrower:
Submitted by: Cheatsbook
Go to the training room. Select the flamethrower weapon. Shift through the
different times (timebreak, etc.) and at the same time fire the weapon, You
should see a cloud shape forming. This is useful when taking down copters.

In order to unlock the FlakCannon you must go to the training area. Then go to
where you can shoot the targets. Go into top of that “tower” and use Time Distort
(everything slows down). Do a Hyper Jump to the platform where that gun is located.

Chain gun:
To get the Chain gun early, go to the training level and follow the instructions
until you get to the ladder. Look to your left. You should see a wall. If you
shoot the wall it will break. Keep shooting until it will not break anymore. The
Chain gun will be there. If you have already unlocked the Chain gun, you will just
find an ammo drop.

Submitted by: pavneet864201

Press at cheats up up down down Left right Left right b a select start.

Submitted by: mert128

You should use your weapons that you get from helis at lvl 4-2. soundwaaves and
bladerangs are most afecctive to big helis.

Submitted by: SOMEONE orkydork

This isn’t really a cheat but its cool, go to the training camp place, go to
flamethrower, and then right when you fire, switch and hold the time mode thing
(ctrl R). Then make a circle around you of the blue flames, the more the cooler,
then let go of the time thing, a burst of fire pops out!

Training level: Get flak cannon ammo:
Go to the area where you have to shoot the robot holograms. Get on top of the
highest column and do a hyper jump to the left while holding [Crouch] just before
the platform in the air.

Submitted by: cheatterror

New heli attck cheat is if u wanna go lvl 6 type new level 6 unlocked its cool
but a hard lvl.

Submitted by: ronnie

the code is unlimited life hears wht you do go to cheats and type in boogie 5 and go
to start and you should have unlimited life.

Spark Plug gun:
In level 1-3 there is a bridge. Hold [Modify] (default is [Space]) and [Down] on the
right side of the bridge. You will drop down. Then, use any weapon on the right side
of where you dropped down to break the five sections of the wall to unlock the Spark
Plug gun.

Soundwave gun:
On level 3-3, go to the second metal bridge and use [Modify] (button can be found in
pause menu, which is P). Do it again and you will land on a third bridge very low
down. Shoot to the right as far as you can go, then shoot up. You will find the
Soundwave gun.

Special effect:
Enable the “All weapons” code. Go to the training level. Find any clear space that has
no walls nearby, and select the Bladerang. Hold [Left Shift] + [Space] + E until you
see Timebreak. Hold [Left Shift] and shoot as many rounds as desired around your body.
When you are done, release [Left Shift] and watch!

Enable the up up down down left right left right b a select start, then go to the
Training Zone. Hold [Left Shift] + [Space] + E until you see Timebreak. Next, switch
your weapon to the A-Boom Launcher. Hold [Left Shift] and shoot 25 rounds of the
A-Boom in an arc around you. Then, release [Left Shift]. As soon as the first A-Boom
hits something, the entire screen will start shaking non-stop for 47 seconds. You get
an even longer earthquake when you use the BlackHoleGenerator. Note: If you choose to
use the BlackHoleGenerator instead of the A-Boom Launcher, it takes about 475 seconds
(about 8 minutes) to set it up. However if you use the A-Boom Launcher, it takes about
95 seconds (about 1 minute and 35 seconds) to set it up.

Machine gun ammunition:
Finish off any enemy during a hyperjump with any weapon. You will automatically receive
machine gun ammunition.

Predator weapons:
If you tipe in alien bownty hunter you can play predator from alien V.S. predator with
all of predators weapons.

Submitted by: Daniel Parshad

This isnt really a code its more of a thing you know. Anyway in training mode use
timebreak and shoot all of the guns bullets around your player but only use 1 of the
black hole generator 1 a-bomb launcher and 1 anytime. Use an infinite amount of
bullets from other guns. Then you shall see its great and the black hole generater
sucks up some of the bullets! Caution it may take long it took me 10 mins but it was
worth it. By Daniel Parshad

Submitted by: m.a.p

go into the training area,get to ware the flakcannon is and hold timebreak and shoot
off a bunch of bombs from the rpg and let it go when its bullets are fully around you
and watch the show.

Submitted by: deet

In heli attack level 1-3, to your right, there is a wood bridge. Go to the far right
of the bridge and press modify (space) + down (s). you will fall through. shoot right
and you will unlock/ get ammo for the sparkplug gun. good luck!

Level 3-3: FlackCannon:
Submitted by: Alejandro

In the second bridge hold [Modify] and [crouch] to fall, there are 3 bridges, fall 2
bridges, then shoot to the right and above you.

Submitted by: robert

Go into training mode and hold down timebreak, then fire a huge load of guided missiles
and drive them all around.

Submitted by: Stalker

Go to the ledge and go under it.Then you take your a-bomb lancher and shoot the ledge
from under.You should end up underground.You can get back up by hyper jumping.

Submitted by: cornelius

In the training mode after u find the chain gun, u will realise that the bullets are
limited. close the heli attack 3 window and then open it again. Scroll through your
weapons and u will find an unlimited bullet chaingun yay!
(i know this work for miniclip heli attack 3 but i dont know for others)

Submitted by: Vulcla Vincent

To get large amounts of Machine ammo, do the super jump and grenade one of the drones
or turrets on the ground.

Submitted by: killerz

This is like a hint once u start a game with a pistol hold down fire move your mouse
out side the game screen let go of fire and go bak to the screen and now u dnt have
to hold down fire anymore u can ues this with any gun besides the slow reloading ones.

Automatic attack:
Hold the Left Mouse Button, then, drag it outside the game (for example, to your
toolbar or something else). Bring it back into the game and release the Left Mouse
Button. To stop this, click anywhere in the game.

Create a Tunnel:
Submitted by: J95

This is not a cheat code but go into the training mode and select the chain gun and
go to the part where it says crouch to slide down slopes and stand on the? mark and
then select timebreak and shoot the chaingun in a circle around you and then tap any
sideways once and do it again still holding down shift.do it repeatedly until you
have no more platform and then you should see a tunnel.then you can release shift.

Submitted by: MATTY BISH

This is kind of a minigame that you can play in Heli Attack 3. Do the airstrike
cheat, go to the training are and scroll untill you select the airstrike.
Hold the left-click mouse button and start running through the level. Have fun!!

Submitted by: Jiachen

First go to training area and then get your airstrike weapon and hold time break.
Keep on shooting the airstrike and once you think you have enough change to black
hole generater.let go of time break and as the first few bombs come from airstrike,
shoot the black hole generater and watch it suck all the bomblets.
Woohoo wat an earthquake fille with madness!!!

Submitted by: Jiachen

First go to the training room then randomly take the soundwaave and switch to time
rift.shoot lots of bullets and then follow them until the soundwaaves get giant and
watch the show!!!

Submitted by: Jiachen

First go to the training room.Then,get out the googun and switch to time rift or
time break.If you go to time rift,keep on shooting on a wall and watch the show.
If you go to time break,then shoot vertically on a platform. make sure you see all
the bullets when your running on the platform sideways.When you think you have
enough bullets,release time break and then watch the bullets pop at the same time!

Submitted by: thepoopoohguy

Go the training room, use all the weapon exept the slow reloading ones, fire them
aroud you and watch the explosion!

Long Earthquake:
In Training Zone, go to a hole. Hold [Shift] + [Space] and press E to Time Break.
Release [Space] but keep [Shift] held. Switch to the A-Boom Launcher and fire a few
rounds around yourself. Make sure the bombs do not go out of the hole (the more
bombs the better). Then, release [Shift] for a nice long earthquake.

Sound barrier:
To make a sonic boom around your body hold [Modify] and press Q until you get to
time break. Then, use the Sound Wave gun and shoot a circle around your body while
holding [Shift]. For this to work, the circle must be completely around your body.#
Then, release [Shift].

Tips & Hints:
-Before you get to a certain level, make sure you go through the previous zones and
get as many weapons as you can with as much ammo as possible
-In a certain level, make sure you destroy the many obstacles and ground enemies so
they don’t get in your way as you shoot the enemy helis
-Try to avoid all the red shots that are coming toward you by using “Time Distort”,
or just by dodging them. After the area is clear of red shots from enemies, then
shoot the enemy helis or ground enemies
-Try to crouch in midair; it will help you dodge a ton
-If you are playing on an ABSOLUTELY flat piece of land that is continually flat,
keep running right and shooting at the helis if they come from the left. If they
come in from the right, keep running left and shooting at them. Somewhere close to
the left / right end of the screens, quickly switch the sides that you run towards
-Always stay on the move; never stay in the same spot for more than 2 seconds.
-Always keep vigilant of in coming bashes from enemies; use the “Time Distort” if you
get in a tight corner
-Triple jump so that you are right under the heli, aim up at them at the same time,
and then launch your attack. This is best done with the “A-Bomb Launcher” and the
“Black Hole Generator”. Weapons like the “Taser” are also best used like this
-If you destroy an enemy while “Hyper Jumping” (still in midair) you get granted 25
bonus machine gun bullets. This works for helis and ground enemies alike
-There a two different types of jumps: one of them is commonly known, “Hyper Jumping”.
The other is a “Super Jumping” (Enter + Jump). If you kill an enemy in “Super Jump”,
you get 10 machine gun bullets
-Be extremely careful on Level 5 – 3. In Level 5 – 3 you will have to kill 8 mega
helicopters. One of their abilities is flying down at you shooting bombs and shots,
and another one is using their swirler to -simply throw out a million shots. It will
not be easy to dodge all of them. Try to crouch in the air sometimes.

Submitted by: Ryd

It’s not a code but in the training zone, hold [modify] and write “I’m the best gamer”,
this will unlock an underground secret level and enjoy.

To get a free unlocked flack cannon:
Submitted by: John

-On training mission go to the part were you shhot the targets.
-Go to the 2nd tip. Jump on the stairs. Stay on the top stair.
-After that press Space-W while you are 1/4 in midair press shift this will unlock the
flak cannon.

Submitted by: rapidXxkilla

Get the air strike and click hold drag out of the screen and a never ending earth quake
will start.to stop it click in the game screen.

Submitted by: qpwoei12

This is not really a cheat but…Go to the training area and switch the time-stuff to
timerift. Then get your flamer and hold shift(default button). Last, shoot at the ground
while walking. Like I said, this is not a cheat, so enjoy!

Submitted by: kyle

If you want to make a fireball on the ground, then go to timedistort and get out your flamer.
then at the shooting area, go to the steeper slope. then shoot the flames at the ground.

Cheat:Infinite health:
Submitted by: Shmoel Koen

Simply type in:I am invulnerable

Submitted by: yunzhe

The code is up up down down left right left right b a select start instructions main menu
players cheats type code ok.

Unlock Chaingun:
Submitted by: YUNZHE
Email: liy002@webmail.com

Training zone: Go onto the place where the “?” says “jump onto this wall and start climbing
etc etc” and shoot left and a tiny bit down and keep on shooting until you reach the
beginning. you should find the chaingun.

Traning Level:Unlock Chaingun!:
Submitted by: Hugh the tetran

When you get out of the place with the big wall there is a gap with a ladder to your right.
Shoot any gun to the left side at the wall.It will break.Keep doing this and at the end of
the tunnel you will find the chaingun!

Real Nuclear Explosion:
Submitted by: Draglide12

For a real nuclear explosion go to the training room after unlocking all weapons. go to the
rea with the targets and jump on the bottom left platform.(hold down timebrek during all of
the followinf steps) now make a ring around yourself with lots and lots of shotgun rockets.
make another ring with the flaethrower. still holding shift jump up and shoot the a-bomb
launcher down towards the platform(do this as many times as you like) if you want a forcefield
look you can make a ring with the sound wave as well. if you want nuclear fallout then use
the airstrike several times elsewhere on the map. Enjoy!

Ultimate Explosion:
Submitted by: Charles B. Kamara

Type the “All Weapons” cheat then at the Training Area go to the place where the targets are

Submitted by: pone x

Go into the training area, get out an explosive weapon ie. shotgun rockets hed to the ? that
says “jump on this wall and strt climbing…” face left, shoot straight out and down a little
and fire, a passage way will open up go as far as you can shooting the whole way and the chain
gun is at the very end.

Submitted by: Matt Gaither
Email: metal_wolf29@yahoo.com

what you do is use one of the weapons with infinit ammo like the pistol or bow (any weapon
works but to keep this going you need infint ammo so.) when you start playing hold down the
mouse button, keep holding it down then move the cursor off of the game screen then let go of
the mouse button, now its a automatic gun with infint ammo,

Endless points:
Submitted by: Sipz

Go to level 1-2 and walk along the level until u get the two tree stumps get under the ledge
formed by the seacond one and aim to BOW out of the opening. the little buggy things will
spawn and u will kill them instantly if u use the endless firing hint posted by alot of people.
basicaly hold down ur mouse then drag is out of the internet windo. then wait for like a few
hours and instant top score.

Submitted by: scar face 2

Once you start off in training mode go to the pit that is after the part where you crawl through
the space and shoot the wall on the left(while in pit) and it will blow up (if you want to make
it quick switch to maching gun)and keep at it till you see a pack(drop pack) it should have a
ulim ammo chaingun in it!

Enable the “All Weapons” code. Go to the training level. Then, hold [Shift] and press Q until
you get to “TimeBreak”. Now hold down [Left Shift]. While doing this, select the air-strike
weapon and use it as many times as desired (five is recommended for slow computers). Make sure
you are still holding [Left Shift]. Release [Shift] and wait until bombs rain down from the sky.

Tip : Super massive Blackhole:
Submitted by: short CIR__ciTTzzzzzz

Get the “All Weapons” cheat then go to the Training area where the Targets are and press “E”
or “Q” untill you get to the Blackhole Generator then hit SPACE “E” untill you get to “TIME
BREAK” then hit “E” or “Q” ’till you get to the flamethrower. then hit and hold Shift and fire
4 blackholes close to each other then make a ring of fire around your body with the flamethrower
then release SHIFT and enjoy!!! 🙂

Submitted by: saleem

Dont use the guns that fall of helis till your in level 4-5 or 4-4 becuse the near the end level
thers big helis to take down.

Submitted by: Stephen Birsa

Go to world 2-2 and go to the right side of the area. go past two of the ground robots left.
past the second robot on the left there is a little green part of ground on the wood. Go past
that and there is a straight ground with a slope on the left. Where it is straight hold (modify
and crouch until you go under it. Once there shoot all of the right wall untill it has opened to
go to the other side. Go through there and you will see a weapon on the other side of the next
right wall. Shoot the wall until you can go get the gun. to get back up, go to where you jumped
down and hold (modify) and the jump button.

Submitted by: Ryan

Go to the training area and select time break.
select the black hole generator and hold down left shift to use time time break.
fire ten black hole generators around you and release left shift the screen will shake but
after all of the black hole are gone the screen will continue to shake it will eventually stop.

How to unlock chaingun without cheats:
Submitted by: Tay

first go to the training area.those green hint things…count five then turn around and shoot
that way. it will take you thru a tunnel and at the end you will find chain gun ammo.

Wave of fire:
Submitted by: down

Go into the training area and slect flame thrower then press modify and e till you see time
break then spray fire around you in a horse shoe shape the keep letting go of shift then back
on as quick as posible keep repaeting this for as long as uou want thenlet go of shift and
whatch the wave.

Dieing at the start:
Submitted by: lazr6

Not really a code but you can die when the soldier gets off the thing and your pistol will
be in midair when the soldier dies the pistol will fall from mid air and you get red screen
before you die. heres what you do while the soldier is on the thing pause and hit quit then
yes you will have red screen before you die and your pistol is in mid air.

Giant Flaming Cheeto:
Submitted by: Jeff Goldman

Get the flamethrower unlocked(all weapons cheat)and put on time break.Hold shift,click the
mouse, drag it off the screen to get continuos fire. Then, put a small partial ring from
shoulder to shoulder on your character. Then let time break go for a second, then put it
back on.Do the same shoulder to shoulder fire. Let go of time break,etc.Repeat this a few
times,and let time break go fully. Watch the flames, they shoot up,and make a giant cheeto,
made out of flames.

Nuclear wave:
Submitted by: gianpogi3

get the sound wave weapon and the time break and paint yourself around and deactivate the
timebreak enjoy!

Tons of artillary bombs falling:
Submitted by: pigbear

shoot about 20 air strikes have time break and shoot and let go of shift every time you
shoot and watch the show.

Nuclear sun:
Submitted by: Sun explosion

make sure you have all weapons unlocked before you do this (or u can just use the cheat).
Goto training level goto any place that has a reasonable amount of room.Then press modify
and q or e to make it timebreak. Hold shift and make a ring of soundwaave arpund you.
Then (dont let go of shift) make a ring of railguns around you,but dont use too many.
Then make a ring of lasers around still not letting go of shift.Then for the final touch
a ring of chainguns around you.
Nuclear Sun W00T

Submitted by: coldsteel312

ok so go tp the training level and hold the space bar and push [q] untul you get to time
break then go to the left wall in the hole where it says “jump into this wall to start
climbing,press jump left/right to jump of wall whil climbing” at the question mark and pull
out your pistol and destroy the wall until you get to the chain gun ammo then pull out your
flame througher and hold shift and make a sideways u shape at the mouth of the hole from the
floor to the top of the hole and leave maby a centimeter between the sideways u shapes all
the way down the tunnel then leave just enough non-flammed room for your guy at they end then
relese shift and watch.

quick kill method for final level:
Submitted by: not imporatant

using a bladerang a tiny bit of time distort and triple or hyper jump firing a bladerang
horizontal into the giant copter means alot more time the blade is in contact with the
helicopter because the helicopter is a lot longer in length than in height assuring a one
hit kill almost everytime.

Sonic Boom (Training Mode):
Submitted by: jACK

Get out the ‘Soundwaave’. Hold shift down on ‘TIMEBREAK’ mode and hold down the shoot key.
Make a big circle around yourself with the soundwaaves rounds. Then release the shift key.

Machine gun ammo:
Submitted by: James

use the super jump and destroy an enemy while in air by using super jump and you get x25
machine gun ammo.

Submitted by: morgan grieve

In level 2-2 go to the 1st metal platform and hold modify and s and you’ll go under it
then shoot the wood to your right and there will be a crawler robot every time you go
in and out and earn money easy.

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