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Heliborne Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Quick Tips:
Written by Captain Kitten

Now that that’s out of the way here’s a few tips, if you move your mouse
up so the helo is pointing upwards not only do you fly up but the helo
also slows down, this is essential if you’re trying to make precision
landings without crashing into the nearest tree/house/mountain/other
player. This can also be coupled with the A/D keys to be able to make
sharp turns without having to make long passes and it can help you to
bring your guns/rockets to bear quicker, just don’t do this maneuver
when near MANPADS and RPG’S as you will get shot down before you can
say “Welcome to Vietnam”. Also if you point the nose down by pulling the
mouse down you’ll make the helo go a lot faster as opposed to holding
down the W key, you wanna be liberal with this though as the faster you
go the harder it will be to make a turn or slow down and it is very easy
to run into the map border or a mountain.

Just simply point the nose back up when you want to slow down and the
helo will come do a dead halt allowing you to re-adjust.

Also you might be tempted once out of rockets/troops to just kill
yourself to respawn faster, don’t do this. You’re better off to your
team (especially if you’re recon) staying alive and lighting up targets
with your guns or door gunners and then returning to base to resupply.

Plus if you kill yourself then you have to wait until the aircraft is
repaired which can take a while whereas by simply landing and jumping
into another helo you’ll actually find that your previous helo will be
repaired and rearmed much much quicker and allow you to get back into
the fight a lot faster, and you’ll be doing your team a favour if for
some reason you’re the only guy with recon or troop transports by doing
it this way (plus if you bring back a damaged helo in one piece you get
a supple bonus amount of experience!).

Another little tip, the devs actually put in a semi realistic detail in
that tanks are completely invulernable from the front!. Yup your rockets/
ATGM’s and vulcan miniguns ain’t going through that in a million years,
you actually have to flank heavy vehicles and assault them from the
sides/rear and top of the tanks. So if you wanna take out a convoy hit
them from the rear, with any luck and a bit of fancy aiming you can take
out the convoy in one strafing run.

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