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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Cheats

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Defeating Hela:
For the final battle, Senua unlocks a powerful sword that can kill
minions in a single attack — when powered up, use focus and then use
[L1 + Square] to initiate a sprinting stab combo that kills regular
enemies in one hit. As you move toward the final encounter, you’ll
reach an arena where swarms of regular enemies will spawn. Chain your
running combo to quickly kill weaker enemies, and keep the chain
going to kill the stronger ones as they appear. Using focus (when
its fully charged) will help a lot. When you kill enough enemies, a
shadow will appear on the second arena platform. The shadow will
transform into the various bosses you’ve encountered throughout
the game — you’ll recognize the silhouette, making it more obvious
what attacks you can expect. Use focus and keep hammering it. On
the final platform, when you reach the arena with Hela crouched
in the center, you’ll have to succumb to the enemies — let them
kill Senua, and you’ll complete the game.

Defeating Fenrir:
Fenrir is the third Boss. The battle takes place in a dark cave.
You will have to use your focus a lot. This makes the Boss vulnerable.
Without your focus active, you will not deal him damage. The focus
also slows down time, which makes it easier to dodge attacks and land
more combos. Fenrir is a big wolf enemy and only uses close range
attacks. He is big and slow, but powerful. Dodge all his attacks,
blocking usually gets you knocked to the ground. For his AOE jump
attacks, dodge away. For his other attacks, dodge sideways. It is
best if you stick to heavy attacks. Land 1-2 hits, dodge, repeat.
When the screen goes dark, you need to activate your focus. When
you have to search for Fenrir (he hides in the dark multiple times
throughout the fight), you should get ready to dodge. He always
does a charge or jump attack when he comes out of the dark.

Defeating Surtr, God Of Fire:
Surtr is the second Boss. At the start of the game, take the right
path to fight this Boss (if you go left, you will encounter Valravn,
God Of Illusion; you will eventually have to fight them both). Surtr
is the easiest Boss in the game. He is very slow and does not spawn
any minions. Dodge sideways and he will almost always miss you. Then,
perform one or two heavy attacks and repeat. Over the course of the
fight, Surtr will kneel down and be surrounded by fire. The fire does
not hurt you — so rush towards him and land some heavy attacks from
behind while he kneels. This will deplete his health very quickly.
If he knocks you on the ground, press X (PlayStation controller)
quickly to get back up. When he starts burning, stop attacking and
use your vision. This will make him vulnerable and he will stop

Moves When You Are In Motion:
Senua can also run and attack, she can also dodge back, front and
sideways. Now you can use multiple buttons to perform the moves.

Shift + W + Fast Strike – Thrust In Enemy with force.
Shift + W + Heavy Strike – Vertical Heavy Slash with a Jump.
Shift + W + Melee – Senua Jumps and strikes with knee.

Unlock Extended Ending:
You need to have 100% completion. Another things that you must have is that
before the final battle, you should have got all the 44 lorestones. The
game has 11 sequences. You can keep track of your lorestone progress as you
finish the game using the lorestones. You will see a circle of red runes,
each set separated by a dot when approaching a lorestone. The dot signifies
divisions of the chapter. When you collect a lorestone, you will notice that
the circle of red runes have turned white. When a section between the dots
has all white runes and no red runes, it means you have found all the runes
in that sequence. Find all the lorestones and see the super cool extra scene
before the final boss battle.

Final Boss Battle Guide:
Written by Sharktopus.

The aim of this guide is to help you get past the final boss encounter
in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

This guide technically contains spoilers, so I would only recommend reading
it if you have tried your luck against the final boss and hit a wall.

The final boss battle contains of three phases. Each phase will be fought on
a different platform. These platforms are connected by bridges. These bridges
will get shattered by the final boss. Once you defeat the enemies on your
current platform, simply walking towards the shattered bridge will cause it
to reassemble itself, allowing you advance closer to the final boss.

-=Phase #1=-
The first phase is straight forward. Move towards the final boss and kill
the minions you encounter along the way using already familiar techniques.

-=Phase #2=-
The second phase will require you to fight shadow versions of the first
three bosses. This phase will evolve from fighting one shadow boss at a
time to fighting two of them at a time (in various combinations).
Be mindful of your surroundings, use the same strategies you used to defeat
these bosses in the first place and you should be fine.

-=Phase #3=-
The third and final phase is where I got stuck for a while (hence this guide).
The final boss is located in the middle of the platform and you are surrounded
by minions. You cannot damage the final boss and minions on this platform
spawn in endless waves. Let the minions defeat you in order to proceed.

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