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Hello Neighbor Cheats

Hello Neighbor

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Complete the Store Mini Game:
Written by Bradley0130

This is how to complete the store mini game.

-=Where to Start=-
If you dont know where this room is it is here.

-=What You Need at the Store=-
When you get up to the start of the game you need 5 items.
Also i recomend that you carry the first 4 items and then the last
item you drop in the cart with all your othere items.

-=You will need the following items=-
* Juce
* Pickle Jar
* Small Pink Jar
* Big Pink Jar
* Chip Bag

-=After You Do All That=-
After you do all that you will get kicked out and you win you can go
back and open this and move on with you game.

Magnet *new*
Code Effect
Magnet_Boxes -Bring all boxes to player
Magnet_chairs -Bring all chairs to player
Magnet_keys -Bring all keys to player
Magnet_mannequins -Bring all mannequins to player
Magnet_everything -Bring almost everything to player

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