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Help Will Come Tomorrow Cheats

Help Will Come Tomorrow

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Expedition Guide, Map, and Tips:
Written by aristeros.

-=Preparing for Your Expedition=-
Selecting survivors brings up their portrait and gives you an option to drag
up to three items into their inventory each, such as weapons or tools. To
start, my survivors go empty-handed, but later on I want to bring a shovel
when looking for mushrooms, a hatchet when looking for lumber, etc. Ideally,
you’ve given these survivors food and water, in case they get stuck out there,
but if you’re careful this won’t usually be an issue.

When selecting your survivors to send on an expedition, it is preferable to
send two survivors with 3 action points if possible. Fewer AP mean less
flexibility and likelihood of getting what you’re after, and one person have
a larger chance of getting lost, lower carrying capacity, and random events
that waste your time-however, send a single survivor who is “hallucinating”
to catch two rare events and an achievement.

Thick forests tend to yield wood, pine needles, and mushrooms. River tiles
tend to yield clay, water, stones, and the occasional fish. I try not to hit
the same hex two days in a row, and repeated searches of a hex provides lower
resources or even nothing at all. If you’ve been there before, mouseover the
hex to see what you can expect-“low” or “depleted” for a resource means
you’re not likely to get that one thing.

Movement often does not use up any AP unless you’re doing it several times.
Searching often but does not always use up an AP. If you don’t get an event,
you can click “search” (magnifying glass) to search the hex.

As you find stuff, it appears in the top part. You can “take all” if you have
the space. You have limited carrying capacity, and whatever you are bringing
along takes up space, too-you may have to leave some items behind. Note that
you cannot consume food or water on this screen-too bad!-so you’ll instead
be deciding what you’d like most to bring back to camp.

You can click “Return to Camp” with both characters at zero AP without issue.
If you continue to move and search when you have no AP, however, you may be
spending the night out in the wilderness, which likely means some AP lost
tomorrow. I try to “save” some AP on one or both survivors if I can for
rest or water filtering.

A “good haul” doesn’t always mean full packs. The purpose of this journey
was to get some feathers for arrows and ammunition-everything else was a

Note that while searching in the hex adjacent to a renegade icon is usually
(not always!) safe for the first 2-3 days, after that it means you’re pretty
likely to get an encounter. Fighting usually doesn’t work, and giving up
never works, so best to run off into the woods. This brings you to camp
immediately with whatever you have to hand. It is possible that only one of
two survivors escapes.

Note that you’re almost always able to move through hexes adjacent to
renegades without issue. Also, if your object is a game animal in a hex
adjacent to a renegade, moving into the game animal hex generally triggers
the hunting event-recommend hunting with a bow rather than a rifle in
this case!

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