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Hero of the Kingdom III Cheats

Hero of the Kingdom III

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Solutions to Harder Side Quests:
Written by Natteee

Solutions to non obvious side quests! This is all the side quests in the
game that I can think about which do require some work to actually complete.
Anything from finding hidden stuff around the world to just how to proceed
with it generally.

-=The Butterfly Quest=-
This quest will unlock after you’ve learnt how to cook I believe. Giselle’s
daughter will ask you to find 12 butterflies for her. I’ve marked all 12 of
them on the following screenshots.

-=The Mushroom Quest
At the beach there is a woman named Lisa who’s brother is very sick and needs
medical help. You’ll have to find 5 special mushrooms in the cave behind the
inn. I’ve marked them down below, they won’t be visible at first, just fight
the monsters lurking in the cave and they will pop up as you go along.

-=The Dagger Quest
In the same area there are 2 hunters sitting at a campfire asking for help to
find their comrade who hasn’t come back from the forest. Go to the left and
fight the spiders standing in your way until you find the hunter. He’ll ask
for some potions and help, do whatever he asks and then talk to him again when
he is back with the other hunters. He will ask you to help him find his
precious dagger he lost in the cave. It won’t be visible until you fight the
spider standing in it’s way (yes you don’t need to fight all the spiders).

-=Miller’s Son Quest
There are a few quests you can do for the little kid standing at the beach in
the mill area of Yellow Valley. After you’ve given him a pearl he will ask you
to find 3 items he dropped around the area (god damn brat). They are pretty
easy to find but incase you do have some issues I’ve marked the location of
them down below.

-=The Lost Brothers Quest
There is a girl in Gray Valley named Helena looking for her brothers who
hasn’t returned. After you speak to her the north area will open in the west
side of Gray Valley. Kill the first orc blocking the entrance to the cave and
then fight your way thru the cave until you find her brothers.

-=The Quadruple Quest
Fur and animal teeth quest, scrolls quest, dragon tooth quest and book quest.

The reason I call this the quadruple quest is because it’s four quests all
connected to eachother. You can not finish or sometimes even begin some of
the quests before you finish the ones required before it.

3 of these quests are located in Azure Valley and the other one located in
Gray Valley. Start by talking to a man named Skinner. He will ask you for
20 fur, give that to him. After this he will ask you for 12 animal teeth,
if you give him that he will give you a dragon’s tooth. Now you have everything
to continue the next quest.

Start by talking to the Chronicler, he has lost 5 scrolls that he wants help
to find. Now here’s the thing. If you are like me and found the 4 first ones
and then can’t find the last one don’t worry. The 5th one is actually stolen
by a brat and you have to do a quest for him to get it back. Start by picking
up the four scrolls around in Azure Valley. They are pretty easy to see but
I’ll mark them down below incase any of you have trouble finding it. After
you’ve picked up 4 of them you are able to talk to a little brat asking you
for a dragon’s tooth so he can boast to his friends (god damn freaking brat).
Give him the dragon’s tooth you got from the previous quest and you will get
some fame and the last scroll.

Now you have all the scrolls and you can finish the quest for the Chronicler.
In return you will get some fame and a handbook of herbology which we will use
for the next quest.

Hero of the Kingdom III – Solutions to Harder Side Quests

Now you’ll need to get 100 fame so you can speak to the king in order to enter
the monastery located in east of Gray Valley. Once you get inside the monastery
there will be a monk named John who wants a book of herbology. Since we have
it you just have to give the book to him and you’ll get that quest done as well.

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