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Heroes of Arzar Cheats

Heroes of Arzar

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Refining Legendary Items:
Written by Duodecimus

Refining a legendary item gives it a random stat boost,
within is a list of known boosts.

-=List of Known Refinements=-
* Defense: Armor +4, Magic Resistance +4
* Savage: Attack Damage +4
* Sharpness:Armor Penetration +4 and Magic Penetration +4
* Thirst: Lifesteal +8
* Vigor: Health +16
* Wisdom:Skill Power +4

-=Uncraftable Legendaries=-
* Hammer of Zeus
Avaliable from the Master of Explosions guild battle.

-=Base stats=-
* 30 Gold
* Attack +7
* When killing an enemy unit permanently gain Attack Damage +1
(Max Stacks: 5)

Note: this effect persists even after later selling the weapon.

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