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Heroes of Might & Magic 2 Cheats

Heroes of Might & Magic 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Dima shvartzman

While playing a scenario, type one of the following codes. Enabling certain
codes will label you as a cheater on the high score screen.

Code Result
32167 – givs five black dragons.
911 – Win scenario.
1313 – Lose scenario.
1911 – Last level.
8675309 – Display entire map.
123456789 – Increased luck during battles.
101495 – Instant exploring.
101111 – Additional gold.
899101 – Additional gems.
844691 – Additional ore.
844690 – Additional crystals.

Debug Mode:
This code allows you to get extra mobility, extra mana, all the spells, free
creatures and extra secondary skills.

Go to your START MENU, find the Heroes of Might and Magic II icon. Right click
on it, go to properties, and add ” /NWC” to the TARGET line (i.e., HEROES2W.EXE /NWC).
Start a new game, and while playing, press F4 to makee the window smaller, and choose
the debug option.

Free Dragons:
To gain five black dragons, highlight a player and type 32167.

/NWC A useful cheat that will access the game’s debugger.
With it you can give your hero extra mobility, free
spells, free resources, free creatures, and allow you
to select secondary skills. This cheat is not typed
during the game. It is used as a parameter to
HEROES2W.EXE. Under Windows 95, you cancreate a shortcut
to Heroes II and under Properties option, change the
executable to read HEROES2W.EXE /NWC

Battle Garb Of Andura:
A particularly useful artifact is the Battle Garb Of Andura. It increases moral to the
highest level, increases luck to the highest level, and provides the town portal spell.

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