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Hexen – Beyond Heretic Cheats

Hexen – Beyond Heretic

Cheat Codes:
Enter in any of the following codes during gameplay for the desired effect.
Type these in the console:

Code Result
SATAN – God Mode
NRA – All Weapons
INDIANA – All Artifacts
SHERLOCK – All Puzzle pieces
MAPSCO – Map Code
PUKExx – Run script code xx (
CASPER – No-Clipping
INIT – Restart level
BUTCHER – Kills all monsters on level
TICKER – Frame Rate
NOISE – Sound Debug
WHERE – x, y coordinates
MARTEK – Type in 3 times and it kills you
CONAN – No Weapons
~xx – Plays a CD, (xx = track number)
VISITxx – Warp to level xx
SHADOWCASTERx – Change character class
(0 = Fighter, 1 = Cleric, 2 = Mage)
mapscomapsco – Display full map and objects

Submitted by: pp

If you play hexen in skulltag (a idsoftware games emulator) type doom codes and this
work (for example idkfa).

Submitted by: onkar

Here is a short-cut for level 1. After obtaining the key for the first door and opening
the second door, don’t waste your time in running up and down for ringing the church bell.
Just stand in middle of the two rows of trees and fire your first weapon (or the other
ones if running the cheat).

Note that:
1.Shoot the weapon from such an angle from where the whole bell is visible.
2.Shoot firing weapons only,not the freezing one or other like that. one shot will go
straight to the bell and ring it.

Woah! Next thing you do is go to the main chamber and complete the level!
pls reply on this cheat.

Tip to skip most of the Heresiarch’s Seminary Hub:
A difference in the ZDoom source port to the original engine and other source
ports allows players using this port to cheat and skip most of the Heresiarch’s
Seminary hub. The Orchard of Lamentations would need to be accessible before
the shortcut could be attempted. The same switch that opens the Orchard of
Lamentations level also opens a set of bars. The second set of bars have a
gap that is large enough to allow the player to glide between a bar and the
wall, essentially skipping the entire hub.

Select CD music:
Select the “CD Music” option under music setup. Type ~to play the corresponding track number from the Hexen CD or any audio CD.
Note: This only works in the CD version of the game.  

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