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Hidden & Dangerous 2 – Courage Under Fire Cheats

Hidden & Dangerous 2 – Courage Under Fire

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: NAG

Hold [Shift] and type “iwillcheat” or “iamcheater” at the opening
menu to enable cheat mode, then one of the various cheats listed
below.I f entered correctly, you will hear a clicking sound.

Code Result
quickload – Load your saved game.
nohits – no damage to you.
goodhealth – Maximum life.
openalldoor – All doors are now open.
allitems – gives all items.
killthemall – kills all enemies/civilians.
showtheend – Skip to the end of the game.
gamedone – Win current mission.
gamefail – Fail current mission.
resurrect – Resurrect all team members.
funnyhead – Big heads on men.
enemyf – Skip to enemy view.
debugdrawwire – Wireframe.
playercoords – Your Current Position
laracroft – Sex change for your men (Alternate Uniforms)
debugdrawvolumes – Wireframe view.

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