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Hidden & Dangerous Cheats

Hidden & Dangerous

Cheat Codes:
Type “iamcheater” at any opening screen or menu. A clicking sound will confirm
correct code entry. Note: The code may need to be entered twice in succession.
Then, enter one of the following codes during game play or at any menu screen.
A clicking sound will confirm correct code entry

Code Effect
allitems – gives you all weapons with full ammo
resurrect – same as what zombie was in the demo, brings you back to life.
goodhealth – gives you good health
nohits – player doesn’t take hits
killthemall – kill all the enemies
funnyhead – Big heads (I think)
gamedone – successfully completes current mission
gamefail – current mission ends in failure
openalldoor – just like it says.. opens all the doors
showtheend – I believe this shows the ending movie for the game. Use at yer own risc.
laracroft – Alternate uniforms, including dressing as Lara Croft
enemyf – shows enemy in front of you.
enemyb – shows enemy behind you (so you can see where/what they are doing).
playercoords – your coordinates in the game.
debugdrawvolumes – no idea what this does.
debugdrawwire – wireframe mode (haven’t tried it)
quickload – from the VERY 1st screen, I tried typing in iamcheater and then
quickload, and I think the purpose of this is a quick random mission.
I was put on the ship.

Use a HEX editor and go to your saved profile in the savegame directory:


120 Campaign reached (byte, value 2 = campaign 3 reached)
122 Level Reached (byte)

Note: If you haven’t played the 1st level in a campaign you will not be able to play
in the other levels since you have no record of selection soldiers (which you always
do on the 1st level of a campaign).

Hidden & Dangerous [Demo]
After the beginning animation it says “Choose Campaign”. On this screen type:

unlockcheatmode (if it worked you’ll hear a clicking sound)
Then the following can be typed from within the game or at any menu screen.
Again after each entry you’ll hear a click sound:

zombie – after being killed, type this in and you’ll come back as a zombie. Your
little head shot will still show a skull.

bighead – it’ll give you a BIG HEAD!

killthemall – I believe this kills all the enemies but not your good guys.
(translation, kill them all, NOT kill the mall 😉

showtheend – show the end of the game.

missiondone – will successfully complete your current mission, regardless of
where you and your troops are.

missionfail – fail your current mission (why would you want to do that?)

openalldoor – open all doors.

goodhealth – I didn’t understand this one. I’d type it and nothing ever happend.

allammo – THE BEST CHEAT! Gives you ALL the guns, rocket launchers, grenades, etc…

laracroft – you become a guy in drag that’s trying to look like her… funny!
(I think this gives you a few different uniform choices as well).

enemylookf – gives you a view of the enemy.

enemylookb – same exept behind you.

playercoords – displays your coordinates in upper left corner.

noplayerhits – again, I’d type this in, yet I’d take hits and die. But the Zombie
thing would usually bring you back for more.


Tip 1:
Backed-up commands result in lots of wacky behavior that might be mistaken for bugs,
so be sure to erase old commands when laying out a battle plan on the map view.

Tip 2:
Anthony Switcher, with his 100 stealth, is indispensable; he’ll get the drop on
most enemies before they see him. Give him a sniper rifle, and he can clear most
night missions almost single-handedly.

Tip 3:
Let the computer do the firing for characters who have high shooting skills. For
instance, Robin “Hood” Smedley and Tony Atkins should stay on computer control
in combat situations.

Tip 4:
Similarly, let the computer throw grenades. Use the map screen to command a
soldier to use a grenade and then specify the target. It’s more efficient to
let the computer judge the distance, rather than eyeballing it and guessing
the required throw strength.

Revive men :
Submitted by: joe
Email: Joehallam1@live.co.uk

Go to pause menu then type RESURRECT then they come back even blown up! But there
is a problem if they drowned they come to life then die again … also use ALLLOOT
then switch clothes because when blown up well he’s head is off trust me.
lol email me when done playin give me comments.

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