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Hidden Expedition – Amazon Cheats

Hidden Expedition – Amazon

Tips and Tricks:
Submitted by: RM

First of all you need to get the correct instruments in place – put
the accordion on the left, the purple/blue instrument in the middle
and the drum on the right. The accordion and drum have coloured
bands on them which should correspond with the colour of the maracca
of the snake they are in front of. Next up, hit each instrument until
the snake has risen so that the top of its head is at the line with
the colour of its maracca. Once this is done, change the speed of
the metronome. When I did it, it worked at about 2/3 of the full
speed, but if this doesn’t work just try out all the possible speed
– there aren’t that many, and you just change it by clicking the
button at the bottom. At the right speed, the snakes will sway in
time and will disappear back into their pots.

Snake Problem:
Don’t forget to read the journal as it gives hint. Object is to make
the snakes sway in time to the musical instruments making sure the
snakes are at the right level. See markings behind snakes head.
Use metronome. Try different instruments.

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