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Hidden Expedition – Everest Cheats

Hidden Expedition – Everest

Tips and Tricks:
Where to find the 18 bonus items

Witches Market – Top hat On floor
Amazon River – Purple Octopus to the right of screen
Patititi – Large Whale right of Center
El Dorado – paint brush top left
Munster – Skull and cross bones
Natural History Museum – Pumpkin (jack o lantern)
Jail house – ufo top Right
Alpine Village – helmet on top of the house
Pythagorean Society – castle
Yakushima – black bird on perch
Angkor interior – white bonnet
Hawaiki – axe top left
Femur island – Boat
Shambala – Shoes top left
The door to everest – Black beetle left center near the lady bird
The Altar – The rabbit right of statue
the Inner temple – Wrist watch top right
Chichen Itza Ruins – There is a Shiny Fencing Sword left of screen

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