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Hidden Expedition – Titanic Cheats

Hidden Expedition – Titanic

Tips and Tricks:
* Many of the items in this deep sea search are hidden partially off screen.
So, be sure to check around the edges of the room (especially the left side).
Also, pay attention to objects that you can see outside the windows. They are
often things you need to collect!

* Be watchful for wordplay tricks on your list. Being asked to find a ‘dollar’
could mean a sand dollar or it could mean cash. A ‘spade’ could be a shovel or
a playing card…and each wrong click costs you precious seconds of air.

* Don’t waste too much air in the first room looking for objects. Move on or
you’ll be left with not enough air in the last room. You will also be penalized
10 seconds of air for clicking on items that aren’t on your list. If you ask for
hints to reveal the location of a hard to find object, it will cost you two
minutes of air for each one.

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