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Hidden Secrets – The Nightmare Cheats

Hidden Secrets – The Nightmare

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Muhammad kashif
Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare Cheats

Below is a level-by-level walkthrough, with solutions to room puzzles and
mini games. Puzzle solutions are provided in order as they appear in the

Hospital – Level 1:
1) Pick up the remote control to the right of the bed and add it to inventory.
2) Pick up batteries from against the back wall of the closet and add them to
3) Pick up the batteries and place them in the remote (as noted above, order
is important).
4) Point the TV at the remote to turn the TV on.
5) Listen to what the TV says about reading and picking up a book.

Surgical Markings mini game – Level 2:
Check the top of the page to see what color loop you need to make (watch the demo
video in the bottom left corner if you don’t understand what to do). Move your
pieces to a central location on the screen, after getting several pieces near each
other, click them to rotate the pieces into place. Use different combinations of
pieces to get the required shape and color combo.

Medicine Bottles mini game – Level 3:
Move from the board by jumping other pieces on the board. To complete the game,
you need to have 4 or less pieces left. Pegs only go horizontally or vertically
over an adjacent peg, there’s no diagonal movement.

Kitchen – Level 4:
1) Look for the mallet near the microwave.
2) Find the piggy bank on the left side of the room then click it to expand it.
3) Use the mallet to break open the piggy bank; you will find a coin inside.
4) Scratch off the lottery ticket above the microwave with the coin.
5) A message will tell you to look inside the microwave – clicking the microwave
causes a cupcake to appear.

Patterned slots mini game – Level 5:
Fill in the last symbol to complete the pattern. Study the pattern to figure out
which piece comes next to complete it. Once you figure out the pattern, click on
the correct symbol in the rows below.

Kids Room – Level 6:
Find the shapes you need to fill your inventory:

1) The square is on the floor by the truck.
2) The triangle is behind the piano.
3) The circle is next to the open book on the bottom left.
4) The star is on the bottom right next to the wrapped package.
5) Find the tray with the four shapes to the right of the large chest.
6) Place all for shapes in their spot in the tray.
7) When the toy truck appears, place it in the toy chest, causing musical notes
to appear on top of the chest.
8) Play the color pattern of the notes on the piano, making sure to click the
notes in the order they appear.
9) If you did the color pattern correctly, red scissors will appear. Use the
scissors and click the wrapped package in the bottom right corner. Some red
shoes will appear.

Toy towers mini game – Level 7:
Move one disk at a time, move the disks from the left tower to the right tower,
keeping the order the same. Only the top disk can be moved. Disks can be placed
on an empty tower or on another larger disk.

Peg Swap mini game – Level 8:
Swap the red and blue pegs so that they end up in opposite corners. Pegs cannot
be moved backwards and cannot jump their own color. Pegs CAN jump opposite colored
pegs (blue can’t jump blue, but blue can jump red). To beat the game:

1) Move 1 red to the empty hole
2) Jump 1 blue over the red one
3) Move 1 blue next to the red one.
4) Move 3 reds
5) Move 3 blues
6) Move 3 reds
7) Move 2 blues
8) Move 1 red

The pattern of which to move should become obvious because of the rules.

Morgue – Level 9:
1) Click on the folder on the right side to pick up the tag.
2) Take the tag to the 7 drawer on the left wall and click the drawer.
3) A piece of paper appears, which you take to the XRAY machine where you’ll
see a skull with a key inside.
4) Take the key and click it on the drawer on the lower right side of your
screen, which will open the next drawer to reveal a note.

Mortician’s Tray mini game – Level 10:
Click the 4 sides of the tray to tilt the tray, moving the ball toward the hole.
Use stoppers to help you navigate. When the ball hits a stopper, it stays until
you choose your next tilt.

Restaurant – Level 11:
1) Click on the matchbook in the lower right corner to add it to inventory.
2) Find the candle on the ceiling near the largest pillar in the room.
3) Click the matches on the candle to see numbers appear.
4) Find the phone wire on the left side of the screen, then place it on the
telephone (on right side).
5) Use the phone by dialing the numbers revealed by the candle.
6) A hotel key appears

Moth and cockroaches mini game – Level 12:
Dodge the moth and cockroaches by maneuvering around them. Just like in real life,
the moth is attracted to light and the roaches will avoid light. Click on tiles to
move. Click on lighted candles to put them out when a moth draws near. Light a
candle when you are near a roach to drive it away.

Candy Sudoku mini game – Level 13:
Similar to Sudoku with colors. A color can only appear once per row or column. Click
on an empty spot and a plate of numbers will appear. Choose a number based on what’s
currently in 3×3 blocks, columns, or rows. If you have only one color to choose from,
that’s your only choice. Try to fill rows with the most colors first, narrowing your

Medical Exam – Level 14:
1) Click on the white label on the side of the machine. It will prompt you for a
last name.
2) Type in the letters D A L E, (Flora’s last name).
3) Click on the purse on the right side of the white safe, which adds a brush to
your inventory.
4) Put the brush on the table in front of the big light.
5) Take the roll of paper from the scanner and put it on the printer located directly
in front of the light.
6) A piece of paper appears with the numbers 23,37,54, 39. You will need these numbers
in an upcoming challenge.

Tangled memories mini game – Level 15:
Move the neurons so that no connecting strands touch. Move pieces until everything
turns blue.

The safe – Level 16:
1) Pick up the magnifying glass from under the chair on the left side and add it to
your inventory.
2) Take the hammer from inside the box on the right side of the screen and add it
to your inventory.
3) Use the hammer on the white vase to smash it – a key will appear.
4) Use the key on the drawer to open the drawer.
5) Use the magnifying glass to look in the drawer, revealing the numbers: 23,37,54, 39
6) Click on the moon on the framed picture in the middle of the wall – a safe should
7) Use the numbers 23, 37, 54, 39 on the safe and a truck appears (numbers must be
entered in the correct order, if you make a mistake use the Undo button).

Lock sequence – Level 17:
Rotate the dials so numbers are arranged from lowest to highest, from left to right,
top to bottom. Click on a dial to make it rotate. Numbers that intersect between two
locks can be changed, use them to swap numbers between dials.

Flawed memories – Level 18:
A find the differences style puzzle – compare both pictures and find differences
between the two images.

Police station – Level 19:
1) Pick up the battery on the left bench and add it to your inventory, then do the
same with the gun on the other bench.
2) Click the batteries onto the gun in your inventory list, which allows the battery
to charge the gun.
3) Click on the coffee machine on the far right side of the back wall to make it bigger,
then click the gun onto the coffee machine.
4) Some keys appear on the coffee machine, which you then use to open the door on the
far left. First enlarge the door by clicking on it then click the keys on the door’s
5) Pick up the street sign that appears.

DUI simon says mini game – Level 20:
A classic Simon Says style game – as a pattern of lights appear on the board, you repeat
the pattern. Don’t make a mistake or you’ll start over.

Living room – Level 21:
1) Click on the left side of the cabinet to the left of the fireplace, which makes a
bottle appear inside the cabinet.
2) Pick up the bottle to add it to your inventory.
3) Click on the couch pillow to reveal a rope.
4) Put the rope on the curtains.
5) A lighter appears in the bottom right corner of the window sill.
6) Place the bottle in the fireplace, then take the lighter and place it in the
fireplace too.
7) When the flame dies down, click in the fireplace to find a set of keys.

Pickup eight mini game – Level 22:
Classic kids game in digital form – make two squares that don’t touch by removing 8
matchsticks. The winning result is a small square in the center of a bigger square.

Tea lights mini game – Level 23:
Turn 3 glasses upside down each turn until you have all 11 candles upside down.
Candles do not have to be adjacent in order to turn them upside down. If you do
them in this order, you can succeed:
Turn over 1, 2, and 3 / Turn over 3, 4, and 5 / Turn over 6, 7, and 8 / Turn over
8, 9, and 10 / Turn over 3, 8, and 11

Car – Level 24:
1) A voice tells you there is something in the seat, pick up the small hammer on
the floor of the passenger seat.
2) Click on the window button on the passenger side, which makes the number 103.3
3) Tune the car stereo to 103.3.
4) Click the CD player button on the car stereo to eject a CD, then click the hammer
on the CD.
5) Use the broken CD on the lowest part of the passenger seat to rip the seat.
6) Use the key that appears in the torn seat to open the glove compartment.
7) A matchbox from Beaconlight Motel will appear – add this to your inventory.

Broken radio mini game – Level 25:
Press all buttons on the number pad, with your goal being to turn all numbers green
by pressing the buttons. You may need to use the reset button to help you solve this

The store – Level 26:
1) Click on the money on the counter above the freezer on the floor.
2) Click the lottery machine on the counter to make it bigger, a price of $2.49
3) Click the cash register to enlarge the number pad.
4) Enter 2.49 into the register (you need to hit the decimal button between 2 and 4),
using sum after you’ve entered the numbers.
5) Take a penny from the register drawer, while placing the money from your inventory
into the register.
6) A key appears in the register, use the key on the lottery dispenser.
7) Take a lottery ticket and place it in inventory.
8) Use the penny to scratch the lottery ticket.
9) Pick up the scratched off ticket.

Tarot pairs mini game – Level 27:
A memory game with tarot cards, flip the cards to find all matching pairs.
You need to win 2 rounds to beat the mini game.

Matchsticks mini games – Level 28:
Complete 5 separate matchstick games following instructions for each game.

The closet – Level 29:
1) Click on shoe polish on the left side of the closet floor.
2) Use the shoe polish on the engraving above the door knob on the left closet door.
3) Click on the key inside the red loafers.
4) Use the key on the box in the lower right hand corner.
5) A pair of scissors appears, use the scissors on the pants on the right side of
the closet.
6) Click on the pants on the floor and a black item appears instead.
7) Click the black item on the engraving on the left closet door.
8) Now there are numbers 6 4 2 on the engraving (they are somewhat difficult to read).
9) Click on the suitcase and enter the numbers 6 4 2 as the combination, then pick up
the bra inside the suitcase.

Too many shoes mini game – Level 30:
Sort the shoes with all black shoes on the right and all red shoes on the left.
Click one pair of shoes at a time. Choose the location of the shoes by looking at
which boxes light up. The only place a shoe can go is in one of the highlighted
boxes and shoes cannot pass each other. The middle box helps you move shoes around
and you may have to move some shoes back to the wrong side in order to get all shoes

Art Gallery – Level 31:
1) Click the cell phone in the display case on the left side.
2) Click on the display case with the drape over it on the far left side, revealing
a battery.
3) Pick up the phone charger on the far right corner near the red and white cloth.
4) Connect the charger to the wall outlet on the right side.
5) Put the batteries in the cell phone then drag the cell phone to the outlet.
6) Click the smallest of the pictures on the right wall to make it tilt.
7) Click on the exposed wall to reveal the numbers 6 5 4 2 1 3 1, dial the numbers
on the cell phone to reveal a safe under the painting.
8) Get the license plate from the safe.

Security nightmare mini game – Level 32:
Light all reflectors with the laser. You can’t rotate the laser or the reflectors,
but you can rotate other objects. Turn the right objects to direct the laser beam to
secure the room – mirrors will help you redirect the beam and filters will help you
change the color of the laser.

Distorted memories mini game – Level 33:
Solve the jigsaw puzzle by clicking on pictures to swap places until the image
looks correct.

Hotel lobby – Level 34:
1) Click on the bell on the left side of the desk to open a door.
2) Click inside the door to expand a desk, then collect the keys from the desk.
3) Use the keys on the 3rd drawer of the filing cabinet.
4) Click the file marked 642, revealing a business card with the number 555-6336
5) Keep that number and then close the two expanded screens.
6) Dial 555-6336 on the telephone on the right side of the desk, which reveals a
hospital bracelet on the left side of the desk – pick up the bracelet.

Billiard balls mini game – Level 35:
Place red and yellow balls in the rack triangle so that no three yellow balls form
an equilateral triangle.

Hotel room – Level 36:
1) Click on the button under the bed behind the purse.
2) Click on the safe next to the bed then move the dial to the safe to fit it into
the hole on the lower left side.
3) Click the briefcase and fill in the missing pattern.
4) Complete the combination then click the briefcase latches to open it.
5) Click the red fabric and move it to the light by the bed.
6) Enter the symbols on the wall into the combination lock on the safe in the order
they appear on the wall.
7) Take the chinese carryout box from inside the safe.

Piece of cake mini game -Level 37:
Put the frosting on the cake slices, making sure that no two pieces of cake with the
same color touch. Each slice must contain 5 colors.

Broken inlay mini game -Level 38:
Place pieces located on the left side of the screen into the picture, when you get
the correct piece in its place it will automatically lock itself in place.

Chinese takeout – Level 39:
1) Click the receipt on the counter.
2) Click on the scanner next to the register to make it bigger then click the receipt
onto the scanner.
3) Get the wallet from the top of the register near the plant and drag it to the
register cashbox.
4) A take out box appears, you need to drag the chopsticks to the takeout box.
5) Get the flashlight from the bottom of the takeout box.
6) Click the calendar and place the flashlight on the calendar.

Chop stick pickup mini game – Level 40:
Remove all chopsticks in order from bottom to top, which is pretty straightforward.
You have to play 3 rounds to move on.

The Office – Level 41:
1) Click on the white piece on the chair to the left.
2) Click on the tea cup on the coffee table in front of the chair.
3) Use the piece from step one on the water cooler valve.
4) Place the tea cup under the water cooler valve.
5) Click on the valve to fill the tea cup.
6) Click on the cup to make a computer chip appear, then take the chip to the computer.
7) A message pops up telling you to look in the cabinet.
8) Click on the drawer to the right of the water cooler and a paper with a note
appears, pick up the note.

Match the caps mini game – Level 42:
Another memory game – this time you match the cap with the lipstick it goes with.
Click on a cup to make a cap appear, click on another cup to see if you have a match.
Matches make the pair vanish, if you don’t match, keep trying.

Chain of events mini game – Level 43:
Place pictures in the correct sequence of events leading up the accident by clicking
two pictures to swap their places.

Office – Level 44:
1) Find the paper shredder on the right edge of the desk and click on it to make
shredded paper fall into the bin.
2) Collect shredded paper from the bin by clicking on it then drag it to the desk to
a place in front of the books.
3) Arrange the shreddings so that letters spell ‘Murder’.
4) Click on the computer monitor to be prompted for a password, then type in MURDER.
5) The screen will show the title ‘The Tale of Two Cities’, which you should then
find in the books on the bookshelf (it’s blue on the left bookshelf)
6) A safe will appear behind the book and then open. Take the watch from the safe.

Shredded Paper mini game – Level 45:
Sort pieces of paper from the shredder so that evidence can be read. Pieces click
together when they are positioned correctly. Here are some clues: Top left should read
‘Antipasti’ and the top right reads ‘Pastas’. The second puzzle is easy to solve if
you start with the sunset and work from there.

Street – Level 46:
1) Take the key on the left door above the trash can and place it on the box on the
left side of the gate.
2) Pick up the jar inside the gate.
3) Place the jar under the street light and lightning bugs will start filling the jar.
4) Click the car headlights above the game’s ‘Hint’ button, double click the headlights
to add them to inventory.
5) Move the jar onto the headlights to light them up.
6) Drag the headlights to the hood of the car.
7) Pick up the spectacles inside the trash can.

Parking lot mini game – Level 47:
Drive the red car out through the parking lot exit by moving other cars in the parking
lot. Cars may only be moved in the direction they are facing. Move quickly as there are
5 rounds to complete.

One exit mini game – Level 48:
All roads must connect to another road, a dead end, the entrance, or the exit.
This one is tough.

Footsteps – Level 49:
Guess the combination of 4 shoe prints hidden under the truck in less than 9 steps.
When you get a green outline you’ve got a correct match. White outlines mean you have
a correct shoe print but in the wrong order.

Apartment entryway – Level 50:
This is the last puzzle of the game!

1) Pick up the tea cup on the 4th step.
2) Pick up the tea kettle on the 5th step.
3) Pick up the tea bag at the base of the steps.
4) Place the tea kettle on the outlet on the lower right side of the screen.
5) Put the tea bag in the tea cup.
6) Place the tea cup with tea bag inside on the tea kettle.
7) Click the cup onto the mirror on the left side (you have to make sure to find the
correct section of the mirror)
8) The mirror fogs up and the letters TOM appear, click on the name

Tips and Tricks:
* Invetory item combinations are one-way only. If I write here that
you have to combine batteries with remote, then remote with batteries
will not work.
* Some of these timers are extremely stringent near the end of the game,
and you use the same timer for the entire scene, including mini-games.
Always try to finish as quickly as possible because you never know what’s
going to hit you next. (Don’t want to get stuck with 30 seconds to do 5
slider puzzles, do we?)
* I have videos for all story scenes, images for all puzzles, but I’ve left
the most obvious ones, like “memory” out.

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