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Hired Ops Cheats

Hired Ops

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Submitted by: David K.

How to play as Recon Tips:
Written by Skynet Node #47 (F2P)

Recon is basically Assault, but somewhat cooler. His SMGs and CARs are excellent
in close quarters, dealing incredible DPS, while his enhanced speed from skills
and reasonable survivability means he can soak a few bullets to the plate while
flanking for a nice clean burst on that enemy Ironclad.

Your role is to run around and shoot people from behind. Also, throw down mines
in front of enemy objectives and throw EMP grenades at enemy stuff.

You EXCEL as an offensive class, and have the tools to get there, with the Spy
ult allowing him to become the enemy on radar, while Swarm will at least serve
as a good distraction.

Sonar will grant free moeny and also reveal people through walls (sort of),
highlighting everyone in its radius as long as it operates.
Throw that crap, EVERYWHERE. Also, Contact Grenades!
Throw those at points, Ironclads, etc.
Have at least three at all times, and kill EVERYTHING.

-=Your Skills=-
Skills are necessary to not die as easily.
Here’s how you can make the most of them.

T1 Quickness. Best of them all, as it has most overall use.
Recoil control is pointless because your weapons are already low recoil.

T2 All three are good for various people. I personally use Limb Armour, as
it boosts the mediocre 75 armour to increase survival heavily.
Your average will be 83 armour.

T3 Wrangler or Pistol Master are your choices, the guns already ADS lightning
quick. Wrangler is good for assaulters who don’t have time to aim.

T4 Sapper Boots are good for escaping land mines. It also generally reduces
your vulnerability to explosives. However, Run & Gun is good for people
who need to get out of sprint faster.

T5 All three are good. I personally use Medical Kit, but I. Stim is good too.

T6 Face Guard Mask kind of beats everything else. Being resistant to flash/
blind and immune to Spicy Air? AMAZING.

T7 All of these are kind of mediocre, use at your discretion.

T8 meh. As above.

T9 Choose based on which Ult you use.

-=Your Guns=-
* All of this man’s weapons are pretty good. The starter guns are okay, but
they do start to get outclassed a bit later.
* I personally have grown fond of the UMP45 as it has stable fire and good damage.
However, the fire rate is somewhat lacking, so try to get the drop on the enemy,
as you know, you kind of need to anyway.
* The RIP ammo for the SMGs makes them meh. Usually with SMGs its way easier to
just shoot them dead, and more reliable too. AP-HS is good for CQB maps, as
this will s*rip enemy armour ludicrously fast.
* The CARs are basically you being given the Assault class, as a Recon.
* It’s AP vs Hot Ammo basically.

-=Your Equipment=-
* Adaptive plates ain’t worth. It’s enough penetration on the first hit that
you’re dead anyways to anything decent, since all penetration in this game is
just INCREDIBLE. If you’re defending, use Kevlar, if you’re attacking use Ceramic.
* The speed is noticeable and may be what saves you.
* Injectors are as always situational, but about as good as the Assault’s.
* Helmets aren’t really necessary, you WILL die regardless due to low armour and
your CQB oriented loadout.
* Feel free to nuke yourself with Bioreagent as much as you like, but Swarm Missiles
are only really good for distraction/forcing cover and maybe a few kills. Maybe.

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