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Hobo Cat Adventures Cheats

Hobo Cat Adventures

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Cheats and Debug Console:
Written by Hobo Cat

There is a debug console where you can enter some codes that let you
do different things like loading levels, adding goldbags etc.
I thought I add them here so if people want they can use these “cheats”
to skip levels and stuff.

To open the debug window press the F1 key on your keyboard.

Type in one of the following cheat codes and press ENTER to
activate them:

Cheat Description Example
loadlevel [1-8] – loads a specific level – loadlevel 2
addcoins [number] – adds a certain amount of coins – addcoins 999
addgold – adds a goldbag – addgold
addweapon [1-6] – adds a weapon – addweapon 2
ringbells – rings all 3 bells – ringbells
unringbells – resets all bells – unringbells
hideui – hides the UI – hideui
showui – reenables UI – showui
toggle – toggles between screena – toggle

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