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Hobo: Tough Life Cheats

Hobo: Tough Life

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips for Best Start:
Written by Ikazuchi

This guide is for all who want to get started with this hard game without getting
everything spoiled to them. So this will be very short with just some general tips
without much details.

* Your dumpster diving skill is equal to the amount of warnings you get. If you
stop searching dumpsters when you found as many warnings as your skill is, it
is perfectly safe.
* As in real life, the church and charities are your friends.
Find them and visit them daily.
* Some people offer the same services as the charity, just with higher profit
* An apple a day keeps the doctor away and you are what you eat.
* Death is a grave matter and should be avoided like the plague.
* Stinky has no friends.
* If you are freezing already without getting wet first, why do you care about
protecting yourself from the rain? “He froze to death, but damned.
He looked good in his coat”.
* Is a premium coffee worth digging through a pile of ????
* All containers respawn. All containers. also not “random” ones.

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