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Home Sweet Home – Christmas Edition Cheats

Home Sweet Home – Christmas Edition

Submitted by: David K.

In between levels, they give you lot of good tips that you can use to make your
house more festive. Take a moment to read them if you have a chance.

To give a worker a cup of eggnog you can either give it to them directly or you
can place the eggnog pitcher on the icons that are located at the bottom of the

A worker can be taken off a job at any time if you need them to work on something
else instead.

You can still get the Gold Medal even if you use a hint but you have to make sure
that you work fast in order to get a high score.

If you know that you failed a level because you did not get the project done fast
enough, you can replay a level at any time from the map screen.

If you decide to replay a level in order to get a higher score you will be given
the same setup as before. You will not have to start design all over, just fix the
things that you need by selling or buying items.

You can pass a level even if you don’t finish the project but you will not unlock
all the new pieces of furniture.

If you ever need a refresher course on what a client is looking for all you have
to do is click on Dee’s icon in the lower right corner. Dee’s icon will also give
you the choice to exit the scene, restart that level or it will take you to the
options menu.

All the rooms that you’ve decorated are saved for you to look at whenever you’re
ready. Go into your house and click on the photo album to view all your rooms.

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