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Homefront: The Revolution Cheats

Homefront: The Revolution

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Time Splitters 2 Full Port:
After entering the ‘Restricted Zone’ headquarters, instead of going downstairs
into the basement war room, take the stairs near the prisoner arena and head to
the top floor. In the south eastern room you can find a vintage arcade cabinet.
Interacting with it will allow you play ‘Time Splitters 2’ as well as unlocking
it in the ‘Extras’ option in the main menu.

Easy “Star of the show” achievement or trophy:
* After about the first twenty minutes you will reach what resembles a destroyed
parking garage. Note its location. Complete the mission, then return there. Shoot
the airship to get its attention. After it shines its spotlight on you, wait.
Note: A few KPA may get in, however if you sit at the top of the first ramp you
can walk up you will have enough time to take care of them.
* At the start of the “Zero Hour” mission is a small area that you will clear
before being told to retreat. Hide behind a car instead and wait. Only about
four KPA will appear in Deathwish mode.

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