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How to Find Missing Figments in Psychonauts 2 – Complete Guide

In a nutshell, Psychonauts 2 is all about Raz using his psychic abilities to navigate each mindscape he’s in and fight the mental enemies he encounters by collecting figments spread out in each world.

But did you know that you have the option of upgrading Raz’s psychic abilities to the maximum even before you reach the end of the game? That’s right, by collecting all of the missing figments in Psychonauts 2 you can upgrade Daz’s rank leading to enhancements in his abilities and powers!

The only problem is that some of these figments are incredibly well hidden in each mindscape and finding them will put all your detective skills to the test.

Fortunately for you, we’ve come up with a helpful guide on how to find these hidden figments scattered throughout the game so that you won’t have to waste your precious time digging around for them.

All Hidden Figment Locations in Psychonauts 2

Obviously, we’re not going to guide you through the process of getting each and every figment in the game because some are incredibly easy to find and we reckon even those players who’ve never played a game in their life will be able to find these figments easily.

Instead in this guide, we’ll only focus on the ones that are super difficult to find and are hidden in the smallest nooks and crannies of each level.

1. All Hidden Figment Locations in Loboto’s Labyrinth

Lobato’s Labyrinth is actually the twisted and warped mind of Dr Caligosto Loboto and acts as the tutorial level of the game. The entire world revolves around dentistry which is only natural considering Dr Loboto himself is a dentist.

While running and exploring this world you’ll find a total of 80 figments all related to dentistry scattered throughout the world. 5 out of these 80 are incredibly well hidden and will take some finding.

Figment 1

The first hidden figment that you encounter will be where you unlock the telekinesis ability.

At this point, you have to face the ascending teeth and look towards the left corner to find one that is hidden a little towards the bottom.

Figment 2

Keep moving forward and you’ll eventually find yourself in the central office, the location of the second hidden figment.

Before you can start looking for it though you’ll have to defeat the hordes of enemies inside the office. Once you’ve completed your first round of combat, you’ll find the figment on the corner opposite to the zipper teeth which is quite high up so you’ll have to find some way to reach it.

Figment 3

Don’t move away from the office just yet though because you’ll find the next figment in the alcove behind the stack of boxes next to the loboto painting.

Figment 4

Keep moving through the labyrinth and you’ll eventually come across the poster gallery and a poster that says “snitches get stitches.” Look closely at this poster and you’ll see something behind it.

This is where your pyrokinesis power comes in. Use the power to burn through the poster and you’ll find a figment behind it.

Figment 5

The dental void is by far the creepiest place in the labyrinth and it even houses a difficult-to-find figment. On the far right of the level, you’ll see a slight updraft which you can ride up to the platforms at the top.

Use the updraft of wind to glide through the blue platform at the top grabbing the figment in the process.

2. All Hidden Figment Locations in Hollis’ Hot streak

For the third level of the game, you’ll find yourself jumping back into the mind of Hollis Forsythe to repair the damage you did before. Hollis’ hot streak contains a total of 106 figments but only 6 of these need our attention, as they’re cleverly hidden to make sure the player explores each area carefully.

Figment 1

The first main area you’ll see once you get into this mindscape is the casino parking lot where coincidentally you’ll also engage in your first round of combat.

Once you’re done with the combat make sure to take a dive into the nearby bushes where you’ll find a figment.

Also, make sure you check the top of every building you can for another figment.

Figment 2

Keep moving from the casino to the pharmacy area where you’ll encounter the next hidden figment in the somewhat frustrating Plinko game.

Well, the game’s about to get a lot more frustrating as you’ll just have to keep playing the game and explore all the paths to find this figment.

Figment 3

You’ll find another figment inside one of the back corners of the pharmacy floating on top of a yellow-coloured platform, so be sure to pick this one up as well.

Figment 4

Make your way to the back room of the pharmacy now and immediately stop and look around the entrance. On your left, you’ll find another figment on top of a floating booth

Figment 5

Your next set of figments will be in the cardiology room located inside the morgue. These ones aren’t that hard to find if the player actively searches for them.

As soon as you enter through the door look immediately to your right and you’ll find a series of curtains. Make your way to the farthest curtain and look behind it to find one figment.

Now move towards the curtains closest to the door and you’ll find another two figments behind them.

Figment 6

 The final figment is located in the storage closet in the same room. As you walk into the room you’ll see a door immediately to your right. Behind this door is where you’ll find the final hidden figment.

3. All Hidden Figment Locations in Ford’s Follicles

Raz’s next mission is to figure out a way to put barber ford back together by entering his mind, also known as ford’s follicles.

Fortunately for you, this is one of the mindscapes of the game that doesn’t have too many difficult-to-find figments hidden within it.

In fact, in this guide, we’ll only be talking about three major ones.

Figment 1

The first set of figments can be found right at the start of the mission after you cross the column containing the set of moving combs.

Look around immediately after you cross this area and you’ll find multiple figments lying around in the surrounding area.

Figment 2

Keep moving forward and you’ll come across a hairpin which you’ll have to swing on to get to the other side.

Immediately start looking around as you reach the next area and you’ll find multiple figments scattered in the surrounding area. You’ll now come across the only enemy in this mindscape, lice!

Figment 3

After defeating the second wave of these lice look immediately to your left where you’ll find a rope. Cross this rope to find the next set of figments.

4. All Hidden Figment Locations in Compton’s Cookoff

Compton’s cookoff contains probably the meatiest part of the story as the operation to save Boole Compton is an incredibly long one filled with plenty of bosses and enemies.

This guide however is about how to find the hidden figments in this mindscape so let’s focus on that. Like the previous section, most of the figments in this mindscape are incredibly easy to find so we’ll only be focusing on 3 of the most hidden ones.

Figment 1

Along your journey in Compton’s bizarre cookoff mindscape, you’ll run into a boiling pot. Look directly behind it to the left and you’ll find a bouncy netting that contains a set of figments.

Reaching it is not going to be easy though as you’ll have to use a combination of your mental powers and jumping to reach it.

Figment 2

The next figment is located on the chopping block marquee. Move through this marquee and you’ll find a figment to the left of chef pig’s head.

You’ll again have to use the pouncy ball upgrade to the levitation ability to be able to reach this figment.

Figment 3

Move towards the arena now to find the next figment. At the far back of the arena, you’ll find a figment that you can only reach if you have the dark thoughts ability equipped.

5. All Hidden Figments Locations in Strike City

At this point, you’ll have to once again enter ford’s mind once you gain access to the astral lanes bowling alley through your senior league membership card.

Now keep in mind that the figments in strike city, ford’s next mindscape, are all pretty easy to find and on a straight path. However, you will have to jump off the bowling ball in all areas and explore each area to find them.

Figment 1

The first hidden figment that you’ll have to find is located right at the starting point. At this location, look behind you to find a small plywood ramp into another area. Once you’ve crossed the ramp you’ll find a set of white and purple pigments.

Figment 2

Keep moving forward and searching each new area for figments until you come across the construction site. Before entering this level be sure to look around for an alternate path towards the left side of the building.

Once there you’ll see a set of platforms that take you to the top of the building and eventually to the top of the water cooler where you’ll find the next hidden figment.

6. All Hidden Figment Locations in PSI King’s Sensorium

Now that you’ve refrained Nick, you again need to go into his brain to prevent its sensory overload which brings us to our next mindscape, PSI King’s Sensorium.

Now this area is undisputedly the largest mindscape in the game and houses a total of 236 figments! Now, most of these will fall on your linear path and you can find them easily. However, 8 of these are incredibly well hidden and will need an expert explorer to find them.

Figment 1

You’ll find the first one right at the beginning of the level. The only catch is that you’ll have to travel a short distance before looking backwards and finding the path that leads beneath the stage. The path isn’t very hard to find though as you’ll be able to spot an opening from the right-hand side of the stage.

Just follow the path from that point on and you’ll eventually reach the location where a cluster of figments reside.

Figment 2

The next figment resides in the eye shrine somewhere near the rainbow bridge. Just cross the bridge and you’ll see some red vines to your left which you can then jump to using the platforms and grab the figment.

Figment 3

The eye shrine obviously consists of a bunch of eyes covered with red vines. If you decide to traverse these red vines and stay on them for a while you’ll notice there are a bunch of blue tear figments dropping from the eyes which you can then grab to add to your collection.

Figment 4

Continuing to progress the story will eventually lead you into the woods where a cutscene will automatically begin in which you talk to two musicians.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get the figments in this area yet. You’ll have to wait till the cutscene finishes and then backtrack to find the figments.

Figment 5

Continue on the path from here and you’ll eventually reach the first spinning platform that you’ll have to stop with your newly acquired time bubble ability. But don’t progress from this area yet as below it there will be a bunch of figments you can grab near the angry crowd to the bottom right.

Figment 6

Moving on further will lead you to the ear hand shrine near the vw bus. After you’re behind the bus, take special care to turn around and search the blue and yellow flowers directly behind you to find the next hidden figment.

Figment 7

The next hidden figment location is near the snot drip and is an easily missable one so pay attention. After you’ve climbed to the top of the snot drips don’t progress without looking behind you as you’ll see a cloud of dark thoughts developing.

You need to connect these with your dark thoughts’ ability to gain access to the next figment.

Figment 8

Near the end of the rainbow bridge if you look around a little bit you’ll find a spotlight shining on a prism that you can jump down to next to the instruments.

Jump down here and pulverize the nearby pipe to get ahold of the last few figments. Do note that you’ll need the half-a-mind to achieve this feat.

7. All Hidden Figment Locations in Cruller’s Correspondence

Psychonauts 2 is mainly about reintegrating and helping prime form and in this next chapter called Cruller’s Correspondence, your Daz will attempt to find mail clerk Ford by entering his mind.

This section is a fairly straight one which makes finding the figments quite easy. But the real test of this mindscape is getting to them.

Figment 1

The first hidden figment you come across is when you’re trying to get into robot ford’s abdomen.

At this stage, there’ll be a stamper handle going to the top of robot ford’s abdomen which you’ll have to ride and then jump from the top of the first handle to the second. This is the location where you’ll find another set of figments.

Figment 2

Continuing on the path will eventually lead you to a huge set of red books. Look around these books and you’ll see a ledge on the left side of the books. Jump around to the ledge (you may need to levitate) to get your hands on the next set of hidden figments.

Figment 3

Keep moving towards the typewriter and once you reach the desk the typewriter is placed on, be sure to look around for a small cubby you can jump into.

After jumping into the cubby you’ll have to find a way to get to the top of the stamper and have it fling you towards the next set of shelves where you’ll find the next figment.

8. All Hidden Figment Locations in Hidden Tomb of Sharkophagus

Contrary to the name, the Hidden Tomb of Sharkophagus, the next mindscape Raz will enter, is the most straightforward out of all the mindscapes when it comes to finding figments. In fact, there’s only 1 hidden figment that you need to know about because we reckon you’ll find the other pretty easily.

Figment 1

This single figment is a little tricky to get through as it shows itself on the graveyard path when you’re running from the giant comb chasing you.

Thus, if you want the figment you’ll only have one chance to grab it while simultaneously running from the comb and if you miss it then you’ll be unable to come back for it until later in the game.


All in all, finding these missing figments isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do if you have an inquisitive mind and can deduce things quickly. On top of that, you have to be good at platform jumping as most of these figments are placed in difficult-to-reach places that only the most skilled players can work out how to get to.

Other than that, make sure to take great care in exploring each area you come across and to always look behind yourself when you enter a new area.

Finding these extra figments can be an absolute game-changer as you’re progressing through the game. As it not only makes the game easier but more enjoyable.

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