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How to get past Bees in Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts is one of those games that takes some strange twists and turns every now and then. Every quest is filled with something unique. Similarly, a very important mission in the Green Needle Gulch requires the answers to how to get past bees in Psychonauts 2 and where to locate their source.

You basically have to clear out a very powerful device called the Astralathe for Ford Cruller. Invented by Otto Mentallis, Astralathe allows people to make changes to someone’s mind that are lifelong. It can also alter anyone’s personality alongside making false and counterfeit memories.

However, this device, currently, is under an army of bees surrounding it. So, in order to get it out of there, we need to eliminate the Bees. Keep in mind that it is not possible without Cassie O’Pia’s help.

Find out the complete process below and get past the bees in Psychonauts 2. It isn’t very difficult but requires precision.

Where to Get Past Bees in Psychonauts 2?

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Now, this part is divided into some sub-sections. You need to go through all of them to finally reach the final destination to locate the source of the bees and get rid of them.

1. Get Out of the Honey-Coated Room

One of the doors in the Astralathe’s room is coated in honey. It’s the place where you get the quest. So, head out from that door and you will see a pathway filled with honey.

2. Follow the Honey Trail

Once you see what you can call a river of honey, follow it until the end. It ends up at the beehive at the top of the trail. The path is filled with bees which can hurt you if no precautions are taken. Therefore, pick up the bee smoker over the fire pit using telekinesis.

Once you have it in your hand, the bees won’t be able to hurt you. Furthermore, don’t actually step on the honey trail otherwise you will get stuck in it. Walk down the road and reach the large beehive at the top.

3. Enter the Beehive

Having reached the beehive, enter it. Here you will find Cassie O’Pia who doesn’t look fine. Soon after Raz meets her, a cutscene will play. Cassie will be initially ready to help you, but the bees will stop her from doing so.

4. Get into Cassie’s Mind

Since she is not in her best state, we need to get her out of her mental blocks. And for that, Raz needs to enter her mind and see what the issues are.

There, Raz will need to reunite the different archetypes of her personality. In pursuit of this, he will also need to win a boss fight. After Cassie is back to her normal state having her personas sorted out, she will begin to help Razputin.

5. Getting the Astralathe

Now both Razputin and Cassie will go towards the all-powerful device, Astralathe. Cassie will try to control the bees and make them go away from there but will fail to do so.

Not to worry though, because Compton Boole will be there soon as he has been following Cassie. Once he meets her, both of them unite against the bees. Besides, Cassie will give Raz another bee smoker that will drive away from the bees.

Afterwards, Raz will be finally able to access the Astralathe.


That is how to get past bees in Psychonauts 2. The bees can be a headache so don’t forget to pick up the smoker. Make sure to closely follow all the above-mentioned steps to find the source of the bees, eliminate them, and move to other quests.

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