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How to use Dream Fluff in Psychonauts 2

How would you have liked it if there was a simple and convenient treatment available for mental health? Imagine eating candy and getting your sanity to 100% again. However, it isn’t possible just yet in real life, but you can do it in Psychonauts 2.

Razputin, who can suffer from a mental breakdown, needs Dream Fluff in order to get back to his senses again. It is one of the most essential elements of the game and therefore, needs to be given attention

Since it is of great importance, we’ll look at what it actually is, how to get it, its usage, and what achievements we can get in the process.

What is Dream Fluff in Psychonauts 2?

Dream Fluff is a sweet candy that, as told, restores Razputin’s mental health completely.

Either you can use it yourself manually or it will use itself automatically when the character dies and respawns.

That being said, you can’t carry more than 3 dream fluffs at a time. And to carry 3, you need to purchase a Jumbo Fluff Pouch. Now, what’s Jumbo Fluff Pouch? We will have a look at it below.

How To Buy Dream Fluff?

Dream Fluff can be purchased from the camp store in the Main Lodge for 50 arrowheads as well as the Otto-Matic for 100 Psitanium

However, it will be a single item. You can carry 2 more as well. How? You need to upgrade the inventory. And for that, you will have to buy the Fluff Pocketsor the Jumbo Fluff Pouch.

The Fluff Pockets will allow Raz to carry two dream fluffs at a time. On the other hand, the Jumbo Pouch will allow the maximum number, that is 3.

Fluff Pockets cost 75 arrowheads whereas the Jumbo Fluff Pouch will be around 750 arrowheads.

How to Use Dream Fluff to Restore Mental Health?

To use a Dream FLuff, All you need to do is eat the candy manually when the mental health of Razputin is about to finish and it will be restored fully.

Moreover, in case any enemy kills you or you die somehow, the mental energy will be restored automatically after rebirth.

That is how to use Dream Fluffs in Psychonauts 2.

Note: Don’t overconsume the candy when your mental health is already stable. Use the fluff only when Raz’s sanity starts going down.

What are “Hiccup in the Giddyup” and “Fluff Nutter” Achievements?

Both of these achievements are related to Dream Fluff of course. You will get the “Hiccup in the Giddyup”medal by purchasing the Dream Fluff from any Otto-Matic. It will cost 100 Psitanium. Afterwards, whenever you die and respawn, your mental health will be 100% and this achievement will be unlocked.

Note: While at the Otto-Matic, click on Items and then you will find the Dream Fluff under consumables.

The second achievement is called the “Fluff Nutter”. All for unlocking this, all you need to do is buy the Jumbo Fluff Pouch for 750 psitanium. However, you can’t purchase it directly. Therefore, firstly, the Fluff Pockets need to be bought and only then the Jumbo Fluff Pouch will be unlocked.


So, that was all about how to use Dream Fluff in Psychonauts 2. It is a primary element of the game and should be used according to the situation. I’d suggest buying the Jumbo Fluff Pouch or at least the Fluff Pockets so you don’t run out of candy after just eating once. Also, it will save you time. Won’t have to go back and forth to the store.

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