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Hoyle Casino 1999 Cheats

Hoyle Casino 1999

Free money
What you do is open one game and go to blackjack. When you are there,
minimize the game and start a new one. With this new one, you bet all
your money. Did you win? If so great, If not, GREAT If you lost, close
that whole game, and pop up the old one. You’ll have the same amount
of money. To win more money minamize that game and play the new one.

Money Tip
When you enter into the casino go straight to russian roulette. When
you first start out you should have $5000. Bet all the money you have
on a number. If you win you will end up with 180,000 dollars. if you
lose just keep on reseting your character and keep on guessing that
same number. It may take a few seconds it may take a lil longer but
you will eventually get it right. When you win go to the high black
jack table in the middle of the casino and bet you 180,00 dollars on
your hand. If you win you will have about 450,000 dollars. if you do
like i did and bet your 450,00 dollars when you win you will end up
with 880,000 dollars. if it dosent work then keep trying and you could
get lucky like me.

Easy money:
Take your 5000 start up money to the 100 dollar progressive slot machine.
Keep playing that slot machine until you hit the 10 million dollar prize.
Every time you deplete your 5000 start up money, select the option to
erase your data and start over so that you can continue to play with
5000 until you hit the jackpot. It may take awhile to hit it but I’ve
done it 3 times already, it is a proven method.

Other version:
Open the user LOG.file and edit line 00000020, just the last 2# of that
line. Play with the numbers and it will give you as much as 1.4 Billion.

Hidden slot machine:
Repeatedly select the following options in order on the tool bar in the
lower right corner: “Games”, “Slots”, “Progressive”, “$100 dollar machine”.
Eventually, a progressive slot machine with an “Out of Order” will appear.
Play this machine to get a bigger pay out than the other slot machines.

Easy money:
Give all your money to the desired character. Go to roulette ($5,000 or more).
Select the three CPU characters and let them all bet $5,000 on any number.
Have your character bet $0.

Easy money:
Go into a $1000 Tournament. Play one hand. Then, go to “Keno”, then “Keno
Tickets”. Buy a ticket for any amount (you will still be in the tournament).
When you hit the “Submit” button, your money will double. For each ticket you
buy, you will continue to get more money. It will only double the first time
and then add that same amount repeatedly. However, if you leave the tournament
and start this process over, your bank will be bigger, and your money will
double again. At $1 billion, your character is reset and your name goes on
the Winners List.

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