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Hyperspace Dogfights Cheats

Hyperspace Dogfights

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

A Guide To Unlocking More Ships:
Written by TehStrangeWizard

This is a very brief guide that attempts to give more informative and
specific unlock requirements for each ship then the unlock requirements
that the game tells you about, as well as small tips for unlocking them.

A ship’s “mk 2” variant can be unlocked by beating that game with that
ship, and a ship’s “stray” variant can be unlocked by surviving a few
rounds in endless mode with that ship.

-=The Paw=-
The paw’s unlock requirements are so complicated I forgot what they were.
No, really.

-=The Fur=-
To unlock the fur, you need to reach zone 2 for the first time. Very simple.
In my experience, you reach zone 2 after getting through 5-7 waves of zone 1,
and you may need to fight a boss at the end. Don’t really have any other tips
about the subject, though.

-=The Fang=-
The fang is unlocked by “getting lots for hearts.” Specifically, 6. This one
was torture to unlock. For ship choice while unlocking it, I went with the fur,
hoping that I’d get a health-increasing item at the start. Never did, but every
little bit helps. My other tip, and I cannot stress this enough while unlocking
the fang, prioritize triple artifact boxes (the ones that give you a choice
of 3) over singles. Triples have much better odds of getting health-increasing
items as you get a choice between which item you pick.
Always save the cargo ship as well, but you should already be doing that,
and it’s one of the easiest missions anyway.

-=The Eye=-
The eye is unlocked by getting through a zone without taking damage. You can
take shield damage, but when the going gets tough, wuss out and circle back
around with full shields again. Since you can really do this any way you want,
I only have one tip: I advise against taking melee weapons, as they can
really screw you over in some missions. Many a time I had to restart because
I got the “take out the flak turrets” mission with a melee weapon. Getting
through a zone without taking damage is way easier than is sounds, though.
I was able to nail it in an hour or two. Good thing too, because you’re
definitely going to need your newfound shield-rationing skills while playing
as the eye.

Oh, and when you have to fight the interceptor squadron at the end, die a
little bit inside.

-=The Tail=-
Wrapping it up at the TAIL END of the guide (ha), the tail is unlocked by
beating every zone 2 boss. Just play the game a lot. That’s really it.
I’m not going to tutor you on how to get past zone 2. I already told you
how to get the fur, just figure it out from there. Jeesh.

Secret Unlocks:
Written by ShaggyMoose

This lists some of the non-advertised or subtly described unlocks, as well
as the path to the must-have Control phage.

* Have the Sentient AI passive equipped when meeting the Tether boss to unlock
the Collar fighter.
* The Nose fighter unlocks once you have reached 80% completion in the Data Cloud.
* To unlock the Control phage, you need to progress through the following wins
with any fighter:
* 3x active phages –> Escalation rush –> Regicide –> Hardgrade –> Iron Dog
–> Control
* Reaching WR with less than 350% escalation for the rush unlock is a challenge.
I recommend using the Deconstruct phage so that everything can be destroyed
more quickly. You can also take out the item carrier if you do not need any
upgrades to complete the wave quickly. By doing the above, I found that it is
possible to comfortably obtain this achievement within a few attempts without
using any items that reduce escalation.

Finally, it’s worth noting that you can still achieve unlocks while using the
Control phage. In fact, some of them are extremely unlikely to be obtained without

Other Gameplay Tips:
Written by ShaggyMoose

* To balance SRM with escalation gain, try to clean out any remaining gunships
or AWACs before exiting a wave, since they drop a significant amount of SRM.
* For the Bounty Hunter Database item, targets are only classed as “escaped”
when you exit a wave, so be sure to hunt them down first.
* You can only beam parry if your strike is connecting with the beam in the very
moment it would actually hit you, so just striking into nearby beams won’t do
anything. You also need to be facing the beam source within a 90° cone.
* Destroying hardpoints on an enemy (e.g. gunships) before the main body does
not yield any increased SRM vs. just destroying the body.
* Make the most of target blindspots; hardpoint guns like those on gunships
only have a 180° firing arc and building-mounted guns cannot fire below the
* Destroying the item carrier gives you a large amount of SRM, at the cost of
losing shop crates at intermission. Some crates may survive, but the contents
will not be known and they are marked with an occasional animated explosion
slash to indicate they are damaged. This can cause them to reveal the contents
as unknown when opened.
* Once you have the Control phage, you should always destroy the item carrier
for additional SRM, since you don’t need the additional chests.

-=Jump Cooldown=
* For items that reduce jump time, some items take off a flat value, or at
least base the percentage on the default one second cooldown.
* However, the hyperspace heatsink actually halves your current jump cooldown.
E.g. If you have a cooldown of 4.8 seconds, picking up the Coolant item will
reduce it to 4.7 while picking up a heatsink would reduce it to 2.4 seconds.
* This is despite the fact that the item descriptions mention a 20% and 50%
reduction respectively.

-=Endless Mode=-
* Endless mode is available the second time you defeat WR; you can’t really miss
the prompt.
* This mode does not drop chests per wave. However, the bonus chest drop chance
still applies and bonus chests from flawless waves will also still drop.
* You should play through endless mode to wave 30 once for the associated unlock,
then to level 6 for each fighter variant for its specific unlock.
* After 30 waves, there are no more unlocks and the difficulty (escalation) doesn’t
scale indefinitely.
* Note that using the Control phage for “x number of y items” unlocks is far easier
than relying on chest drops in endless mode.

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