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I Am Alive Cheats

I Am Alive

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Extra Arrow at the beginning of the Ship:
Right after the cut scene where the main character tells Henry he has arrived
at the ship, walk to the end of the ramp leading on board. Do not step on the
ship yet! From the edge of the boarding platform you should be able to see a
man standing around a corner straight ahead Simply pull out your bow, take
aim, and kill him. Now step on the ship and deal with what happens. When you
can relax again you should have an arrow in the guy you killed, and one
sticking out of the tank in the middle of the area you are in, along with
another goody that guy will drop.

Restart Exploit:
Just after you rescue victims 10 and 11 in Chapter 10, you can choose to
“Restart From Last Checkpoint” and rescue them all over again. You can do
this as often as you like, gaining more retries each time until you have a
whole bunch of them.

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