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I Am Bread Cheats

I Am Bread

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Use the objects in the following levels to turn to toast. Note: Some objects
need to be activated or destroyed first so they give off heat. Other objects,
such as ceiling lights, will require that you hold onto them until the meter
fills in order to get toasted.

-=Level 1 “Kitchen”=-
* Toaster
* Open oven
* Stove top
* Ceiling lights
* Activated rocket exhaust

-=Level 2 “Lounge”=-
* Wall heating unit
* Standing floor lamp
* Ceiling lights
* Smashed TV top. Climb to the shelves and push the bowling ball onto the

-=Level 3 “Bedroom=-
* Hair iron
* Clothing iron
* Standing floor lamp
* Ceiling lights

-=Level 4 “Bathroom”=-
* Hair dryer
* Radiator
* Ceiling lights

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