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I-War Cheats


Cheat Codes:
In the player history screen type “darkgoat”.
This will enable the following cheat keys:

-=In the player history screen=-
Left-Shift Backspace – Add selected mission to history.
Left-Shift – Toggle outcome of selected mission.
Left-Shift 0 – Add all missions. (Make all missions accessible).

-=In the game=
Left-Shift P – dump a PCX image file to PSGRESOURCEARTSCREENS
Left-Shift M – dump a continuous stream of PCXs (fill up your
hard disk quick)

Left-Shift 8 – jump to vicinity of target
Left-Shift 9 – match velocity with target
Left-Shift 0 – explode targeted ship
Left-Shift i – make player invulnerable.
Left-Shift w – force mission win

Enter the following keys while depressing the LEFT-SHIFT key:

K – Dock with ANY vessel
0 – Destroy targeted ship
S – Force next mission event
; – Freeze target
I – Invunerability
J – Jump to lagrange point
8 – Jump to target
9 – Match target’s velocity
A – Superspeed
BACKSPACE – View previous movie
W – Win the mission

Repairing damage:
When your ship is heavily damaged, press [Left Shoft] + O to enter the options
menu. While the enemy ships are paused, your repair teams will still be working.

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