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I Will Be Your Eyes Cheats

I Will Be Your Eyes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Small tips for Speedrunning:
Written by K.Toast

Here is a few things to know to actually win the game.

-=Buttons and timers=-
When you see a clock, or series of buttons (usually 2 or 3) and a door locked in front,
you could click the button and run to the door, but I actually found that you can
completely skip them and walk up to the locked door, and then spam leftclick or E and
it will open (sometimes instantly when you touch it, sometimes you gotta spam it for
like 10 seconds non-stop)

-=The rockets=-
When I first played the game I was bloody scared of the rockets, but if you don’t
already know, they don’t do damage, they just slightly push your character.

-=A few general tips=-
* Sometimes the camera in the room is inverted, as you can see from the inverted
text in that camera, be sure to always check if the camera is inverted first
before giving directions.
* There are a total of around 20 rooms, the last room is glowing blue.
* The ghost may appear at random times, it will cause the camera to glitch out
around the area of the ghost, the ghost will also play sounds and apparently
kill the player on touch.

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