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Ikari Warriors Cheats

Ikari Warriors

Cheat Codes:
Moving your character to the middle of the screen makes the
computer move the screen down 1/3 the way to show more of
what’s above you. A good technique I have used is to move
till the screen shifts and then move back down to plan my

You start with a repeating type rifle that also shoots a
grenade if you hold down the fire button. The bullets seem
to have a life of only 1/3rd of the screen.

Watch for special areas that light up when destroyed that give
you more ammunition. Also don’t forget to make use of the
occasional tank that you may happen upon. Don’t forget to get
out of it when it catches fire.

Bonuses found when you blow up installations or the red suited

K Smart bomb
B High power grenades
L Longer range bullet
S,A Shorter shot
F Faster bullet rate of fire.

When you have a high score, instead of typing your name, type
“FREERIDE” and press the RETURN key. Now when you play the game
you should be invulnurable.

When you enter the first tank, crash into the first pillbox.
Immediately press the F1 key to end the game.
Restart and do it again, now your tanks will have shields.

Also pressing the space bar allows your man to hide in the
folliage on the far right and left. It also fixes the tank
barrel and operates as anfixed and unfixed toggle.

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