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Imperialism 1 Cheats

Imperialism 1

Cheat Codes:
Start a new game, press [Ctrl] and click on the globe. Enter one of
the following map codes to start a game with the corresponding features.

Effect Map code
Red power has large coal and iron resources – Pippin
Green power has balanced resources – Hothor
Red power has balanced resources – Kidasticks
Almost all tundra and desert map – Dune
Almost all hills map – Scotland
All except purple nation start with lots of resources – 051195
Green nation has resource advantage – 71264
Red and yellow nations have good resources – StandardCode
Red nation starts with lots of trees – LumberPlenty
Almost all tundra and desert map – Dune

Mega Goods
Start game and save (remember which slot 0 thru 7). Record amounts of horse,
cans, cloth, wood (make sure you use some before saving or your goods mix
will look just like all the computer players).
Convert amounts to hex (in 4 character groups … 15 = 000F). Exit from game
and use hex editor to search until you find an exact match to your goods. If
you search for a code string of 3 or 4 goods you’ll get to the right address
quicker. The sequence of goods amounts in the hex editor is as follows:

cotton wool timber coal iron horse blank cans cloth wood
xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx 0000 xxxx xxxx xxxx

paper steel blank shirt chair hammer cannon grain fruit meat
xxxx xxxx 0000 xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

When you find the match, go ahead and edit your values.
There is some maximum value you can set (you can use at least upto 05FF (1535).

The address locations appear to change after each save but the order is the
same. If you use this along with the money hex edit codes, you should be in
tall cotton.

Win any battle:
After your first turn, click “Retreat” as fast as possible during the CPU’s
turn. You will be asked if you wish to retreat. Click “Yes”. Instead of your
troops retreating, the CPU will retreat and you will win the battle.

Ton and TONS O’ Timber:
In Random Map Mode,hold down Control and click on the globe, then delete the
text in the provided field, then type the word bushwhacker. Select any country
and begin the game and the map will be almost completely covered in hardwood
and scrub forests.

Defence Bug:
Discovered this totally by accident. There seems to be a bug that lets you
always win if your attacked (ground battles) without entering combat!
When the enemy attacks your city, you will get the option for the computer
to automatically position your troops (OK Button) or not (CANCEL Button).
Press the CANCEL Button and you go to the battlefield screen where you are
given the opportunity to place your troops manually. When you press the CANCEL
Button the second time, the bug starts and somehow the next display indicates
that you have successfully defended against the invaders. Especially handy
when your playing the hardest level campaign.
This bug how ever has some “bugs” in it. It works most of the time, but it some
occasions when you press the CANCEL Button the second time to start the bug, an
error pops up (or in my case, Microsoft has detected an error..etc.), thus
abruptly exiting the game. Even when you restore the game, the same bug “bug”
problem happens on the same particular battle – kinda picky that bug.
So save often in various slots!

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