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In Silence Cheats

In Silence

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Play as Rake:
Written by Ocular

Not a lot of players like playing as the Rake at the moment, it’s difficult at first
to grasp and may seem frustrating. In this quick guide, I will break down some ways
to help you play better as the Rake.

-=Start of a Game=-
At the start, while playing as the Rake, you will want to watch closely for the red
radar singles on your bottom “map”. Survivors will be talking when they spawn in
and running around 95% of the time. This will give you a very good indication as to
where they all spawned.

This will also give you the location of the car. <--- Very important for mid/late game. Once you have all this information, you can rush right in towards them and try to waste as many flashes as you can. -=Once Survivors Start Looting After your initial attacks to try and waste their flashes, the survivors (that are still alive) will start to loot houses, tents and the barn. If you wasted a lot of the survivors flashes, they will most likely be going towards a house to refill their batteries (for flashes). You will want to apply as much pressure on these houses as possible and sweep through them. If you see any cupboards open, that means the survivors have gone inside. Do a very quick sweep of the house and leave towards the next one, picking off any survivors in the process. Tip: keep an eye out for the chat in the bottom right. Survivors like to type the codes down there for the armoury (example: 03, X2,[ ]6). This will let you know how close they are to unlocking the armoury and if you can remember where the codes spawn, it may give away the survivors location. Tip: If you stop moving, you can hear wet footsteps from crouched survivors. This is very useful in the tall corn next to the red barn. Tip: Look for flashlights in the darkness (obviously) it's one of the easiest things to spot. Also make sure to listen for talking survivors. -=Mid Game By mid game, you will want to have at least one or two survivors killed off (hopefully). You will definitely want to go back to the car. Tip: Check the cars tires (and battery if the hoods open). If you see more than one tire on the car, this means the survivors have been repairing it, which means they're looking to escape with the vehicle. Apply pressure at the houses but keep an eye out for the car too. Tip: Run up to a survivor and don't grab them right away, if you're lucky they will get scared and waste a flash and as soon as they flash you, you can grab them and kill them. By this time you will notice the survivors will have turned on TVs and radios. I would not waste any time destroying these, it is obvious on your sound radar that it isn't a survivor making the sound (the TV and radio sound signals will be perfectly/consistently in rhythm and won't be moving left or right on the map). -=Late Game Check the car for any repairs and check the armoury container (sometimes survivors will put parts of the code in the armoury early on so they don't forget it). If you see parts of the code put in, make sure to stay vigilant about the armoury and be prepared to be hunted. By this time, one or two survivors will remain (hopefully). It will be extremely difficult for them to kill you with the armoury, make sure to apply pressure around the map while trying to not be distracted by the rats. If they go for the car escape, it will be almost impossible for them if you apply pressure on the car. If they decide to go armoury (you hear the alarm going off) you will want to rush there as fast as possible. This will make it difficult for them to position anywhere safely and it will 75% of the time stop half of the survivors from grabbing a gun. (survivors typically open the armoury without being grouped up. So a lot of them can't get there before the Rake). If only one or two survivors are at the armoury, it is usually a good bet to go inside and destroy all the rifles (hold "F" while next to a rifle). You should be able to kill the survivor with a gun. This will leave less than 5 minutes (usually) for the remaining survivors to repair the vehicle and escape, but if you remembered the car location, you can just camp it (it's a little toxic, so don't camp too hard). Tip: If you get to the armoury and there are 3+ survivors with guns, you will want to zig/zag so they have a hard time shooting you while watching out for traps. Stay out of the street lights and Use your "Q" ability to dash towards the survivors. Try to grab one survivor and run with them into the darkness so the others will have a hard time shooting and finding you. Be patient and the survivors will start to split up and make noise. let them leave their area (and their traps that will be left behind). Tip: Take your time. If you're low on health and you're being hunted, chances are there is less than 3 minutes left by this time. Hide somewhere and you will end up winning the match. How to Find the Armory Codes: ----------------------------- Written by DatCarelessBoy If you've got the guts to choose killing the Rake instead of running away from it, then you need to find the armory and enter its code combination in order to gain access to rifles. The goal of this guide is to show you all the possible locations you can find these armory codes. -=Where to Look=- In each match, the map is consisted of 3 houses and a barn. As of update v0.61 each house might contain up to 2 codes and the barn up to 4 codes. Below you will see all the potential places you can find them. Pro Tip: Use the signs to avoid getting lost and to search efficiently. -=House No.1 Left side of the entrance, on the wall across the pool table. On second floor, in the rest room. -=House No.2 Outside the house, near the window in the backside. In living room, on the wall near the sofa. -=House No.3 Ground floor, above the sofa. Upstairs, below the shelves in the right side. -=Barn In between the two entrances. On backside of a column in between the two entrances. Upstairs, downside of a wall. Ouside barn, on one of the windmill's columns. -=Hunting Rake Keep in mind from the moment armory opens, Rake enters enraged mode... meaning it's able to whack survivors on the move! Considering that it takes a lot of bullets to eliminate Rake, survivors need to play it safe and plan a strategy to hunt it down. For example you can turn on a TV inside a house and put a bear trap in front of its entrance, wait for Rake to fall into it, then take your shots as a group.

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