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Incremental Epic Hero 2 Cheats

Incremental Epic Hero 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
Guild exp is important, but the scale of the guild exp boost is different.
10 points in guild exp doubles your exp gain. 1 point in resource doubles
your resource gain.

Skills are your best way to get stronger in the early game.
Skills take resources.

Guild levels do very little to help you get the strength you need to clear

Saving up on dungeon (portal orbs) will only fasten the progress faster
when you hit lvl 75+ on first char. For the upgrades i can agree to a
point, since the xp upgrade is resource based too. Also the skill lvling
goes somewhat slower in the start anyhow.

A very important one not to forget is the simulation option on the map.
Use it! xp wise it will make a world of difference. Also make sure
(when unlock angel on guild lvl 10) to concentrate on town material
research (cartographer leaf research) and level the Statue of heroes and
cartographer building to lvl 10+ asap. (xp and gold gain)

The best way to use EC in the start is extra daily quest at first, then
burn 500 once on nitro when emptied (and of course do this when the quests
for nitro are taking too long at the point) and log out when you set your
character on the best xp/sec area possible. when return, choose the
progress above nitro. simple fast progress. Game does not have to run on
background for starters when you filled your equipment and leveld your
skills a bit. (which will be fast, seen you have only 1 slot each).

Concentrate on 1 character in the start (warrior) and start leveiing the
mage when xp upgrade is descent enough for getting reasonable xp in zone
slime 1 and slime 2 to get the guild xp and gold cap.

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