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Incremental Epic Hero Cheats

Incremental Epic Hero

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Bonus Codes:
Getting started may get rough but the DEV gave away some codes you can
redeem on system->bonus code.

If you’re starting out I advise you to use the super coins you to get
to purchase the additional daily quest, and to not use the rebirth tickets
until later on.

– Gives 200 Epic Coins and 1 Super Rebirth Ticket.

– Gives 250 Epic Coins and 500 Monster Fluids.

– Gives 300 Epic Coins and 1 Instant Rebirth Upgrade Ticket.

– Gives 500 Epic Coins, 500 Monster Fluids and 50 Red Chillis.

– Gives 700 Monster Fluid, 700 Epic Coins and 70 Red Chillis.

– Gives 1000 Epic Coins, 1000 Monster Fluid, and 100 Red Chillis.

– Gives 1000 Epic Coins, 1000 Monster Fluid, and 100 Red Chillis.

– Gives 1000 Epic Coins, 1 Super Rebirth Ticket, and 1 Reset Spirit Upgrade Ticket.

Then there’s another code but you have to beat the octobaddie at level 30 so
it’s not exactly at the start but later in the line it will help.

– Gives 10000 Epic Coins, 3 Super Rebirth Ticket, 2 Instant Rebirth Upgrade Ticket,
1 Reset Rebirth Upgrade Ticket, 100000 Monster Fluid.

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