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Independence War – Deluxe Edition Cheats

Independence War – Deluxe Edition

Tip 1:
If you haven’t played Independence War recently, go through
the original game’s training missions to get acquainted with
the ship’s systems–the difficulty of the Defiance campaign
ramps up immediately.

Tip 2:
You can change your PBC (particle beam cannon) orientation
mid-mission by going to the ARM screen.

Tip 3:
In most missions, you’ll want to save your missiles for later
encounters. Stick to your PBCs until you’re overwhelmed by
superior numbers.

Tip 4:
Some of the missions have branching paths. Restore to an
earlier save point to explore the alternate path if you’re
having trouble finishing the mission, or if you want to try
for a higher mission score.

Play the europe version in English, German and French:
You can play the european version in German, French or English.
After install the game right click on the I-War shortcut and
add a “-english”, -“german” or “-french” to the command line
without the quote.

For example:
“D:I-WarIWar.exe -b -16 -800×600 -english for 3DFx version.”

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