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Infinitode 2 Cheats

Infinitode 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to get a large amount of green paper:
Written by Joose_2005

WARNING: Before attempting this you must switch into guest mode in the game.
This is to make sure that your leaderboard position is normal and your ingame
account does not get suspended or banned.

In order to make sure your account does not get suspended or banned,
you will need to switch into guest mode.

To do this, simply log out of your Infinitode account in the top left corner
of the game window

2.Load a secret level
The secret level we will load is ‘sandbox.json’

To access the ‘sandbox.json’ level, go to infinitode 2 in your steam library,
click the gear icon then go to properties> browse local files. From there you will
see the games files (obviously). You will also see the levels folder, inside of
there you will need to find ‘sandbox.json’ and open it with a text editor.

Inside of that you will see 5 data values.

name = The name of the level (Duh)

stage = What stage the level is located in

stagePosition = What space the level goes in the assigned stage

hasLeaderboards = does the level have leaderboards?

difficultyMilestones = What milestones do the player need to achieve to win that level?

The 3 that we are interested in are the stage and stage position values
(We also might want to disable leaderboards just incase)

I changed the stage value to 0 and the stagePosition value to 1.

I also changed hasLeaderboards from true to false

* If you have the game running, close it.
* Start the game and go to the story mode, then load the ‘sandbox’ level and turn
on auto mode.
* The level is actually hard to lose so just keep the game running.

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