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Interactive Buddy 2 Cheats

Interactive Buddy 2

Undefined Weapon:
Submitted by: T-PIZZY

While playing the game, press [Left], [Right], [Up], [Left], [Right], [Up],
[Down], then down where it will tell what kind item(s) you have it will now

Fire fountain:
Submitted by: Jacob Lamer

Go to “modes” and then “scripting engines access”. Then put in “ex-fountain”.
Where it says “water” change to “fire”. Now theres a Fire fountain.

Submitted by: shoopdawhooper

Enter this code in the scripting engine to give buddy a lot of pain:

if(getMouseDown() && bnot(oMouse),
oMouse = getMouseDown()

Indestuctable bomb:
Submitted by: Peter

First open the top and throw the gravity shifter up there, and then let a mine
follow it, then when it is up there and you cant see it thow the magic ball up
there and then throw a granade and they will combine and then in a flash of lite
there will be a granade that in purple and three times the size of the green ones
and no mater how hard you try to destroy it or move it nothing will happon. But
it pakes and explosion so powerful it makes the missiles look like snap and pops
and it will still be there so that makes the indestuctable bomb the absolute most
powerfull and strong weapon in the game but the can only be one at a time on the
screen. But I think you could use one to be more powerful then ever, hope it
works for you.

Flaming Buddy:
Submitted by: Blaze

This cheat tells you how to set buddy on fire and keep him on fire for a long time,
forever if you want to. However, you need to have:

Earthquake mode
Rubber balls
Fireballs OR molotov cocktails OR Flamethrower (not necessarily all three, just one)

1. Turn on Earhquake mode
2. Put out the radio (this part is just for fun)
3. Set buddy on fire
4. Put loads of rubber balls out with him

If done correctly, the buddy should set everything else on fire and, even if you
splash the hose everywhere, you will never be able to put him out because the balls
will keep bouncing around in the earthquake and setting him on fire again.

To put buddy out takes some concentration, so dont give up.

1.Turn off earthquake mode
2.Go into items and reselect rubber balls
3.Rub the mouse over the rubber balls to make them disappear. This may take a while,
so keep going. Note: Do not click with the mouse. You will just make more balls.
You only have to rub very carefully over the balls. Some will still bounce around
but follow the pattern.
4.Go into special and reselect radio
5.Press backspace to make it disappear.
6.Use one of the hoses to put buddy out.

Note: You do not have to put the buddy out if you dont want to. This is just in case
you get bored of him running around like a mad thing. You do not have to take these
steps straight away, or at all. Have fun!

Atomic Bomb:
Submitted by: Alpha-Ko

strength=.0001; size of explosion propelling the grenade
assign(yChange, (getYMouse()-getBuddyY())/20);
assign(xChange, (getXMouse()-getBuddyX())/20);
if(getMouseDown(), create(“grenade”, getXMouse(), getYMouse(), 0, 0));
if(getMouseDown(), explode(getXMouse()+xChange, getYMouse()+yChange, strength));

I was toying around with codes to see what would happen, and this awesomeness happened.
When you click, the screen will shake violently, Buddy will catch on fire and be knocked
out, and the screen will become black. Do not use excessively.

Dance x2:
Submitted by: Cola1

(OPTIONAL) Radio, (NEEDED) Fire Hose
Using the Fire Hose push your Buddy into a corner by shooting the water at them,
sometimes they will spin around while you shoot them with the water 😀

Wall2Wall Gravity script:
Submitted by: SigmaAirav

Caues a gravity shifter to rapidly bounce from two walls wile attached to a string,
bounce path can be changed by an explosion.

“Only execute this script one time, not every frame.”;


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