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Interactive Buddy Cheats

Interactive Buddy

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Unlimited money:
Get $400 and buy the scripting engine. Then enter the following: gx+random and
press Run once. Your cash should read NaN.NaN. Note: Do not tick run every frame
or the game will crash.

Easy money:
Select “Open Hand”. Click on your buddy with it so that $ pops out. Right click.
A menu from Flashplayer will open with a list of options. Ignore it and click
somewhere other than the flash box. Your buddy will still be spewing out cash
as if your mouse pointer were still there. You can go on to do whatever else
you need to do.

All items:
Press [Space] [Right] [Down] [Left] [Down] [Right] [Up] [Left].

+1000 money:
Press [Space] [Up] [Space] [Up] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Right].

Vortex still working:
When you have the strong gravity vortex, pick up your buddy and move him to the
outside. Take your mouse outside the box of the game. When you bring your mouse
back into the box, the vortex will still be working, as if you were still holding
the mouse in.

Get a Skin:
Press [Space] [Space] [Right] [Left] [Left] [Down] [Space] [Up].

Molotov cocktail:
Buy Molotov cocktails, then select them. While the point is in the air, double-
click and the cocktail will just explode. Keep double-clicking and lots of random
explosions will happen, with pieces of burning glass falling from the sky.

Submitted by: badboy

DIE BUDDY:to kill him press
space left right left space space space right right right right left

Submitted by: vexx78

To kill him press space space left right left left right right.

Submitted by: toby

to have 1000 money do this: space – up – space – up – left – right – left – right.
do that! thats cool!

Submitted by: Jordan

A happy buddy = $$$
1. Get the gravity shifter and put it anywhere.
2. Get alot of baseballs and throw them anywhere.
3. Keep throwing the baseballs untill the face on top turns to a blue smile.
4. If this works, he will give you some money for making him so happy.

“Fist” item:
Set all the graphics settings on high. Place a gravity shifter in the middle of
the screen. Put as many grenades as possible around it. Next, fire missiles at it
rapidly. The trick is to cause as much lag as possible. If the game freezes, wait
until a pop-up box asking you to abort appears. Select “No” the first time, then
“Yes” when it appears again. Refresh the page, and your Buddy will be frozen and
you will have the “fist” equipped. Note: This can severely glitch the game,
forcing you to clear your file and start again.

Submitted by: Knobydobs

Use one of the money cheats then buy radio from “buy new items”. buy low gravity
from “buy new modes” turn on low gravity in “modes” then make a radio from “items”

“Mine” Cheat:
Submitted by: JJ_2oo8

Get enough money to buy a gravity shifter and mines,
Place the gravity shifter into the middle of the screen with movement place as
much minds as possible under him they wont move or activate make sure there in
a straight line horrizontley then turn gravity shifter off he wont get upset and
you will be spewing out cash!

Submitted by: Jimmeh

Easy Money:This one is easy… All you need to do is Get enough money to buy Explode
at mouse And click randomly anywhere ( It might lagg abit But It works…,
afterwards you will have quite alot of money.

Submitted by: Andrew

To get money quick, set the max items on screen to 1 million and put as many bowling
balls as possible and click strong gravity vortex continually.

Unlimited grenades:
Open up the scripting engine. Go to the “ex-Constraint” example script. Look for where
it reads “(create(“bowlball”,”. Replace “bowlball” with “grenade”, then click “Run Once”
about fifteen times. There will be a huge mound of grenades floating in the air.
Note: this glitch works with any item except for the guns, hoses, missiles, etc.
(any item that you cannot throw.). You may also want to turn the graphics as low
as possible.

Submitted by: zac

how to get your buddy to hump a wall get the strong gravity vortex and hold down the
left mouse cliker and pull out the curser of the game box and your buddy rubs up and
down on the wall very fast.

Submitted by: cheater

Continuasly shock buddy step 1-get scripting engine acsess…
step 2-on ex-explodeWalls replace explode with shock
step 3-tick “run every frame” and put buddy on the wall
step 4-get the stun gun and hold the left mouse button anywhere except on buddy.

Submitted by: nick

Have fist left click on buddy hold click slam him in the wall move mouse out side
on game go around the box and put mouse in game on the other side.

Submitted by: Kenneth

Buy the Scripting Engine Access, and key in

gx = getBuddyX();
test = gx>0||gx<100; if(test,shock(gx+random()-.5,getBuddyY(),.15),0) gx = getBuddyX(); test = gx>0||gx<100; if(test,explode(gx+random()-.5,getBuddyY(),.15),0) Tick "Run every frame" and click on "Run Once". The Buddy should be sadistically flinging itself about and getting exploded. Leave it alone, and money will come in fast. Hint: ----- Submitted by: chetah To get easy money buy the narrow hozzle hose and spry it on the budy right click and left click outside the game widow the hose will keep sprying so you will get more money. Hint: ----- Submitted by: cheatmaster Go to physics,you will see #on screen object then type 40.buy infant and throw a fireball on 1 infant make sure they touch each other. Glittering screen: ------------------ Submitted by: Snake To do this, input the following script in the "ex-fountain" script: t=t+70; if(t%2,shock(sin(t*.666)*333+333,cos(t*.0666)*300+230,2,4,140,.075,2,2,true),1) The background will appear to glitter. Note: The flashes can harm your buddy. Sezure: ------- Submitted by: Master Chief Get Buddy into a corner and get the stun gun. Hold it on him tor at least 2 seconds or more. He will not go uncontious but instead fall down and have a sezure. You can continue shocking him as much as you want after he falls down, to keep him in a sezure longer. Easy money: ----------- Submitted by: Daewon Get the fire house and spray the buddy into a corner. Right click so the water keeps spraying. Then left click outside the screen. You get money and the buddy is happy, so he gives money! Easy money: ----------- Submitted by: thedarkmaster Get"special""gravity shifter";put it in the middle,then use"hand""tickle". Then you should be spewing out cash fast! Fireball cheat: --------------- Submitted by: brian In scripting engine, go to "ex.baseballs" in the script, turn baseball to fireball and click run every frame and fire balls should fly at the buddy. Instant k.o: ------------ Submitted by: carnageloer Select "fist" from hand and then right click (that will freeze the game) and then left click his head this will cause the fist to whip back and instantly to his head and knock him out. FireBall Maddness: ------------------ Submitted by: SheepRapeBaaBaa ok ever heard of the foreball script well go to ex-basball look for the part labeled "baseball" remove the baseball and put fireball press run every frame and then press run once to start it (u dont have to do it for every script just this one soo far) then for extra hapynness get the radio and put it somewhere where buddy cant get at it because; he will et it on fire with himself being on fire ti sounds horrable but gives him some happyness ok get the fire hose it the only one that puts him out and makes him happy and fire it at him dont let go unil uve left clicked then do something else u can still here it though ut massive money in fact its happening while i was writing this!. Fast And Very Easy Money: ------------------------- Submitted by: L337-H4x0r ok first get enough money to buy explode at mouse, this alone is a good tool to get money but just get $400. to prevent glitching change all the graphics settings to low. Then buy the script engine access. input this code: [code start] x = getBuddyX(); y = getBuddyY(); power = 1; explode(x,y,power); [code end] then check run every frame and click run once your buddy will be constantly exploding. to change the power of the explosion (1 is normal) simply change the value of the power variable. to turn it off open the script access and uncheck run every frame and click run once THE UNSTOPPABLE: ---------------- Submitted by: Death SUPPLIES: INSTRUCTIONS: -Flamethrower/molotov cocktail 1)Turn on earthquake mode -Radio 2)Get radio out next to buddy -A bunch of rubber balls 3)Start buddy on fire -Earthquake mode 4)Take out a buch of rubber balls EFFECTS: -------- If you did it correctly, your buddy would of started the rubber balls and the radio on fire. Now no matter how many times you put yourself out, the rubber balls will start you up again, for the earthquake keeps them bouncing.it can never be stopped and you'll keep on burning. Have fun. Hint: ----- Submitted by: Unknown79 Buy grenades. Equip grenades. Click on Buddy's "hand". He will hold it. A big ? will appear. It will then explode. IT WORKS!!!! Stun gun power!: ---------------- Submitted by: Bmoc99 Do something to make your buddy unconscious then use the stun gun and zap him then he will stand up! Plenty Blood: ------------- Submitted by: stephen First get the blood and gore mode then get the scripting engine mode load constraint keep it on run every frame and make sure you have strong gravity vortex.put the gravity vortex at the edge of the strings holding the bowling balls when you use it hold it down while you press ctrl+alt+tab keep the mouse in the same place all the time.press tab until you're at another window in the page selection.choose a page press enter.after that go back to the interactive buddy page but don't put your mouse on the game screen.voila!blood everywhere. Cool trick: ----------- Submitted by: yo yo yowza Ok first go 2 modes and scripting acess go to the file exploding walls chand exploding walls or exploding to shock then run every time then pull out fist hit him into wall than wait. he will be stuck and keep on being shocked. Lightning: ---------- Submitted by: cameron 1.get $400 and buy scripting engine. 2.type in if(getMouseDown() && bnot(oMouse), playSound("shock",100)+ assign(rr,random()*100)+ assign(n,0)+ assign(t,25)+ loop(t,shock(getXMouse()+sin(n/t*10+rr)*15,n/t*400)+assign(n,n+1) ,0); oMouse = getMouseDown() ;/ or copy and paste it. 3. click run every frame and click run once Hint: ----- Submitted by: Jian 1.Buy Fireball, Magical Orb, Gravity Shifter, and Open Ceiling. 2.Activate The Open Ceiling 3.Put the Magical Orb away from Buddy. 4.Put a Fireball on the Magical Orb 5.Throw the Gravity Shifter above (or throw the Magical Orb above. 6.Put the Gravity Shifter below and wait until Buddy Goes down. Can you see the Magical Orb is going down with fire? 7.Move the Gravity Shifter to avoid the Magical Orb Tickle Trick: ------------- Submitted by: Nyuszikaa What you will need: Instructions: 1) Gravity Shifter ($240) 1) Place Gravity Shifter where you wish. 2) Tickle (you already have it) 2) Start tickling the buddy. 3) Click with right mouse button 4) Click outside the game area Money will come soon. Note: to stop, move your mouse back to the game area. Hint: ----- Submitted by: yomomma Go to settings, then physics, then put it up to 40 and you can have 40, lets say mines on the screen at once. (40 instead of 6 of watever object). Stick To the wall and get shocked: ---------------------------------- Submitted by: greg Type or copy and paste this in the scripting engine gx =getBuddyX(); test =gx>0||gx<100; If(test,shock(gx+random()-.5,getBuddyY(),.15),0) click Run every frame and volla your buddy sticks to the wall and will slide up and down it. Plus if u get out the stun gun and left click anywhere except on the buddy he will be shocked and he cant do anything or run away. Script: ex-infants: ------------------- Submitted by: unclefunky UNCLEFUNKY SCRIPT GUIDE TO MAKE SCRIPT: 1. Purchase the $400 Scripting Engine Access mode. 2. Run it. 3. Select ex-baseballs from the right menu. 4. Change the word "baseball" to "baby". EASY MONEY: ----------- Submitted by: Matthew Email: matthew0227@aol.com Get 400$, try this cheat for 100$ if you want: space up space up left right left right. buy the scripting engine and put this code in... addBuddyVel((2000-getBuddyX())*.075,(200 0-getBuddyY())*.075) name it 10$ a second if u want. use run all. now use tickle. press him after you ran it,and he should be in the bottom right corner. press it and hold,right click WITHOUT LETTING GO and do what ever you want. you make like 20$ a second AND GET HAPPIER,without tickle,he will get mad. Flying Buddy: ------------- Submitted by: haxxer Buy a gravity shifter. Hit it against the wall fast like example: throw it against the bottom floor. Your buddy should be following the g.shifter, the g.shifter should be moving! Rainbow Screen: --------------- Submitted by: deeeedlopica Get Srypting Engine Access. Type this in: x=get buddyX; y=get buddyY; power=1500; explode(x,y,power); Then click Run Once. Don't check "Run Every Frame" unless you want to crash your computer. If you do this,after about three minutes,the screen will turn green,and then black. Flinging fireballs: ------------------ Submitted by: pokemaster Get scripting access and load ex.baseball and change baseball to fireball do run every frame and click run once once then get fire hose and start the fireballs now squirt the hose everywhere the fireballs should be bouncing all over the place! Flaming Rubberballs: -------------------- Submitted by: anon First of all purchase the stun gun, fire hose, and rubber balls. Make sure that the amount of objects is low so it wont get confusing. Throw a rubber ball at the buddy and a few more. When they lie still use the stun gun and shock it to make it catch fire. Sit back and laugh while the buddy runs around burning! Use the fire hose to put every thing out. (Note: Putting everything out can be quite tricky!) Fire: ----- Submitted by: katie open the scripting engine access and click on ex-fountain, then click on load, then change water to fire, click run every frame, then click save if your on the newer version open the scripting engine access and type in : t=t+1; if(t%2,fire(sin(t*.075)*125+275,cos(t*.052)*100+200,0,0,140,.075,2,2,false),0) click run every frame, then click save this will make your buddy catch on fire and a line of fire move around on the screen. Fire ball laser!: ---------------- Submitted by: sith jawa this is an awesome cheat. Buy the scripting engine and put in the following code: i=i+1; if(equal(i=200,0),destroy(z)); if(equal(i=200,0),assign(z,create("fireball",0,200,150,-35))); Low Gravity: ------------ Submitted by: SpongeBob First, buy the Gravity Shifter in the items menu. Then toss a lot of baseballs to the buddy. When the face at the top left corner is blue, spawn the Gravity Shifter. It will suck the Buddy up and the Buddy will hold the Gravity Shifter. Then delete the Gravity Shifter and the Buddy will have Low Gravity. Mega money: ----------- Submitted by: Amy w x=get buddyX; y=get buddyY; power=1500; If you have scripting engine access, copy and paste this into it.. explode(x,y,power); t=t+1; if(t%2,water(sin(t*.075)*125+275,cos(t*.052)*100+200,0,0,140,.075,2,2,false),0) t=t+70; if(t%2,shock(sin(t*.666)*333+333,cos(t*.0666)*300+230,2,4,140,.075,2,2,true),1) Tick every frame, and you will hear an explosion. Close the scripting engine access window, and the screen will be blank, but you will hear more explosions, and your cash ammount will be sky high. I did this and got millions!!! Fire hose money: ---------------- Submitted by: Bob dillan First buy the fire hose. Then corner the buddy into a wall buy spraying it at him. Keep spraying him then right click and walk awa from the computer. Ten minutes later, whola! You will have tons of cash! Atomic explosion: ----------------- Submitted by: Bob dillan Buy the gravity shifter and put open celing on. then activate the gravity shifter and throw it up out in to the open celing area. then go to settings on the bar and find physics. click on phisics and change the number of on screen objects to 40. get back to the screen and get mines. keep clicking mines in the middle of the screen until you get to fourty. got to the items screen and click back on the gravity shifter. hit backspace. all the mines should fall and create an atomic explosion! Baby bomb: ---------- Submitted by: Bob dillan Go to settings and click on physcics and change the number of onscreen objects to fourty. then buy the infants and pile them up on top of the buddy . make the last three infants act as a fuse. get out your flame thrower or molotov cocktails and light the fuse. A chain reaction should then happen and set your buddy and the babbys on fire! Wall Hump: ---------- Submitted by: jason lee goodwin Go to the scritping engine and load ex-levitate and erase the script and type or copy paste this addBuddyVel((9000-getBuddyX())*.088567647975,(200-getBuddyY())*.075)and he'll hump the wall earning you money. Invisible fire and mad buddy: ----------------------------- Submitted by: Levi Get the gravity shifter, put it in the middle of the screen, open the Scripting Engine Access and turn on ex-fountain. It will look like the buddy is underwater. Use the molotiv Cocktails on him and when they hit him, he's not on fire :). Do this repeatedly, and it'll make him mad, but you'll also get tons of money. Vortex of Fun: -------------- Submitted by: ProfessorBS Use the scripting engine access and use one of the wonderful scripting examples createdby nerdy create of this game. It is labeled ex-constraint, and is used uit often. But in place of "bowlball" type "vortex". U will get four bowlingballs and one Gravity shifter. Delete the bowling balls, and lighty spin the GravityShifter. Buddy should begin to follow the orb, thus creating a nice opertunity to be the crap out of him, or whatever else you please. Grenade alert!: --------------- Submitted by: dominic Throw a grenade near buddy and he will run to the wall. when hes at the wall, throw another grenade at the wall and he willrun away from the wall and go to the other grenade. Then it will explode (if it doesn't work trap him with grenades next to the first one) and he will go up and then land next to a grenade and stay still. Then BOOM! He gets knocked out. Lightning Explosion: -------------------- Submitted by: Conman Go to the script engine access on the game and put in the lightning code then select run every frame exit out of it then go to items and select god powers then select explode at mouse then when u click lightning will appear then afterward like a split second later an explosion will happen it's kinda like thunder but works best with the Realistic pyrotechnics on. Money: ------ Submitted by: TripleX Get Gravity Shifter and put it somewhere in the middle. Now get rubber balls and put them somewhere along the walls. You will get alot of money for making him happy and it will continue making money. Now you can do somthing else on your computer. Smightning: ----------- Submitted by: vane copy and paste this code into the scripting engine access if(getMouseDown() && bnot(oMouse), playSound("shock",100)+ assign(rr,random()*100)+ assign(n,0)+ assign(t,25)+ loop(t,shock(getXMouse()+sin(n/t*10+rr)*15,n/t*400)+assign(n,n+1) ,0); then click run every frame then click run once close the window and click anywhere and hold there should be an infinite stream of lightnig. Buddy mood happy: ----------------- Submitted by: uber boy54 Get missiles and rubber balls use rubber balls 6 then use missiles shot missile and rubber balls will fly and the gonna catch em and get fast mood. Nuclear Explosion: ------------------ Submitted by: Bariemai Go to Physics and set the number of onscreen objects to 24.Now place the gravity shifter in the middle of the screen and start placing mines around your Buddy.Use another explosive to blow up the mines and...BOOOM! NUCLEAR EXPLOSION!!! Buddy walks around with snow following him!: -------------------------------------------- Submitted by: Tommy da Mommy Banger Email : munchlaxtommy@yahoo.com Get Scripting Engine Access and copy and paste this code, listed below x = getBuddyX(); y = getBuddyY(); power = .00465; explode(x,y,power); He'll say "*no* Boom!" and not walk around. Just touch him with a tazer or fist, etc. and he'll wove with small snowfalkes following him! Quick Cash: ----------- Submitted by: yodawg Take a look at the rainbow screen cheat. When you enter it, there is usually a huge flash. You may not notice that during the flash, you can get up to 10,000 dollars. Go back to the Scripting engine access and simply hit run once, and exit out. Do this repeatedly, and you wrack in the cash. The solar system: ----------------- Submitted by: McR_aDiX first, buy the gravity shifter, and open ceiling. then activate open ceiling and pick gravity shifter. place in the middle of the screen, slightly above. then throw anything downwards beside the gravity shifter. throw it in the right pitch then the object you've thrown will be circling the gravity shifter. i like this doing with the magical orb. The NEW lightning: ------------------ Submitted by: Zarzar2009 Get the scripting thing and past this in: if(getMouseDown() && bnot(oMouse), playSound("shock",100)+ assign(rr,random()*100)+ assign(n,0)+ assign(t,25)+ loop(t,shock(getXMouse()+sin(n/t*10+rr)*15,n/t*400)+assign(n,n+1) ,0); oMouse = getMouseDown() t=t+1; if(t%2,shock(sin(t*.075)*125+275,cos(t*.052)*100+200,0,0,140,.075,2,2,false),0) then when u click and hold lightning should stay there and wobble about! Armeggadon: ----------- Submitted by: Zarzar2009 Go into the settings menu and set the num of on-screen objects to 40.Then use earthquake mode and throw a bunch of grenades in it!the explosions will make the other grenades bounce about and the earthquake will help move them about and they will explode EVERYWHERE!another way is just keep clicking realy fast with mines and they should keep hitting eachother making a big explosion! Death Ray: ---------- Submitted by: Evan Buy Scripting Engine Access and enter: if(getMouseDown() && bnot(oMouse), playSound("shock",20906776765765757567567)+ assign(rr,random()*1000000000888)+ assign(n,19)+ assign(t,2130)+ loop(t,shock(getXMouse()+sin(n/t*10+rr)*1,n/t*399)+assign(n,n+0.97555375) ,0); oMouse = getMouseDown() Shocking fun: ------------- Submitted by: Anime Girl Enter these this code here and everytime Buddy runs to wall he will get shocked plus you get money for it. Only way you can free him is moving your mouse over him. If you try to play baseball with him after that, he wont. Only way to get him to play baseball is to play the radio. After he starts dancing, remove it(the backspace button) and then he will play. Set it to run every frame: gx = getBuddyX(); test = gx>510||gx<40; if(test,shock(gx+random()-.5,getBuddyY(),.15),0) t=t+70; if(t%2,shock(sin(t*.666)*333+333,cos(t*.0666)*300+230,2,4,140,.075,2,2,true),1) Buddy farts and flys: --------------------- Submitted by: dudesmall this is a code to put on the scripting engine!!! type: gx = getBuddyX(); test = gx>999||gx<540; if(test,explode(gx+random()-.5,getBuddyY(),.15),0) Script: ------- Submitted by: Valtman If you dont like what your buddy says you can change it.This is how to do it get a scripting engine(400$) then go to ''ex-gameTime'' there it say t=t+1; if(bnot(t%50),say("You've wasted "+round(gettime()/5)*5+" seconds of your life.",100),0) erase all this "You've wasted "+round(gettime()/5)*5+" seconds of your life. and replace the text whit anything you want.THE END CRULTEY TO BUDDY!!!: -------------------- Submitted by: Evan Theilig To have some, "fun", with Buddy, enter this script: addBuddyVel((275-getBuddyX())*.075,(200-getBuddyY())*.075) t=t+1; if(bnot(t%4),create("fireball",50+random()*10,getBuddyY()+random()*20-10,50,-3-getBuddyX()*.01),0) if(getMouseDown() && bnot(oMouse), playSound("shock",100)+ assign(rr,random()*100)+ assign(n,0)+ assign(t,100)+ loop(t,shock(getXMouse()+sin(n/t*10+rr)*15,n/t*400)+assign(n,n+1) ,0); oMouse = getMouseDown() addBuddyVel((275-getBuddyX())*.075,(200-getBuddyY())*.075) addBuddyVel((275-getBuddyX())*.075,(200-getBuddyY())*.075) t=t+1; if(t%2,fire(sin(t*.000000001)*100+260,cos(t*.052)*100+200,0,0,140,.075,2,2,false),0) t=t+1; if(t%2,fire(sin(t*.000000001)*100+260,cos(t*.052)*100+200,0,0,140,.075,2,2,false),0) t=t+1; if(t%2,fire(sin(t*.000000001)*100+260,cos(t*.052)*100+200,0,0,140,.075,2,2,false),0) t=t+1; if(t%2,fire(sin(t*.000000001)*100+260,cos(t*.052)*100+200,0,0,140,.075,2,2,false),0) t=t+1; if(t%2,fire(sin(t*.000000001)*100+260,cos(t*.052)*100+200,0,0,140,.075,2,2,false),0) t=t+1; if(t%2,fire(sin(t*.000000001)*100+260,cos(t*.052)*100+200,0,0,140,.075,2,2,false),0) t=t+1; if(t%2,fire(sin(t*.000000001)*100+260,cos(t*.052)*100+200,0,0,140,.075,2,2,false),0) t=t+1; if(t%2,fire(sin(t*.000000001)*100+260,cos(t*.052)*100+200,0,0,140,.075,2,2,false),0) t=t+1; if(t%2,water(sin(t*.000000001)*100+260,cos(t*.052)*100+200,0,0,140,.075,2,2,false),0) t=t+1; if(t%2,water(sin(t*.000000001)*100+260,cos(t*.052)*100+200,0,0,140,.075,2,2,false),0) t=t+1; if(t%2,water(sin(t*.000000001)*100+260,cos(t*.052)*100+200,0,0,140,.075,2,2,false),0) He will constantly catch on fire and levatate with fireballs flying at him! Cool, huh? NUKE (NOT FAKE): ---------------- Submitted by: sponge bob t=t+70; if(t%2,explode(sin(t*.666)*333+333,cos(t*.0666)*300+230,2,4,140,.075,2,2,true),1) put this in the scripting editor Lots of cash: ------------- Submitted by: Bob Email: camerondragon@gmail.com Get $500 buy mines and script engine access lay 30 mines every were(yes on the wall to) then enter in script engine access explode (200,250,1500) press run once but not ever frame or it will crash edit the numbers for more cash Lightning sudden explode: ------------------------- Submitted by: The Gamer copy and paste this code into the scripting engine access if(getMouseDown() && bnot(oMouse), playSound("shock",100)+ assign(rr,random()*100)+ assign(n,0)+ assign(t,25)+ loop(t,shock(getXMouse()+sin(n/t*10+rr)*15,n/t*400)+assign(n,n+1) ,0); Now, click run every frame and then run once. After that buy the mines and just click the screen. Because of the infinite lightning that comes down when you use this code, it makes the mines explode immediatly. Burning sun of money: --------------------- Submitted by: The_Fallen buy the flamethrower,magical orb and the gravity shifter.use the magical orb in a corner,flame it and then use the gravity shifter on the sun(flamed orb)and you get big money!For extra fun, fire it with bowling balls as planets.And for even MORE fun fire them wit the flamethrower and use missiles on bowling balls(Like aliens destroying them). Radio Constraint: ----------------- Submitted by: Redbob99 Buy the scripting engine access. Click on ex-constraint and replace 'bowlball' with 'radio'. Click run once and a radio will appear even if you haven't bought it. (This trick will work with anything that you can hold, just replace 'bowlball' with 'baseball' or 'grenade' etc. Flying Rubber Fireballs: ------------------------ Submitted by: Eric Get the missile, rubber ball, and the flamethrower. Go to one corner with the rubber balls, and pile them up. Then, light the balls with the flamethrower and shoot lots of missiles at them. Whoa, the flamming "fireballs" are flinging in every direction! (Note: This will also light your buddy on fire). Niagra Falls, Apocalypse, and The Electric Chair: ------------------------------------------------- Submitted by: Poopdookie Buy Scripting Engine Acsess and copy and paste this code: t=t+1; if(t%2,shock(20,80,0,0,140,100),0) t=t+1; if(t%2,fire(0,0,140,100),0) t=t+1; if(t%2,shock(150,80,0,0,140,100),0) t=t+1; if(t%2,fire,80,0,0,140,100),0) t=t+1; if(t%2,shock(250,80,0,0,140,100),0) t=t+1; if(t%2,fire,80,0,0,140,100),0) t=t+1; if(t%2,shock(350,80,0,0,140,100),0) t=t+1; if(t%2,fire,80,0,0,140,100),0) t=t+1; if(t%2,shock(450,80,0,0,140,100),0) t=t+1; if(t%2,fire,80,0,0,140,100),0) t=t+1; Also try these codes: t=t+1; if(firstRun(),explode(240,0,150000)); create("fireball",getBuddyX(),40,0,50); loop(5 ,fire(random()*500,370,0,0,1,5)); if(t%100==0,explode(getBuddyX(),getBuddy Y(),1)); water(round(randomBet(100, 540)), 100, 100, 600, strength, spread, size, water(round(randomBet(100, 540)), 100, 100, 600, strength, spread, size, water(round(randomBet(100, 540)), 100, 100, 600, strength, spread, size, water(round(randomBet(100, 540)), 100, 100, 600, strength, spread, size, water(round(randomBet(100, 540)), 100, 100, 600, strength, spread, size,if(firstRun(), resetForces()); if(firstRun(), setBuddyPos(287, 100)); if(firstRun(), assign(a, create("bowlball", 275, 375, 0, 0))); if(firstRun(), assign(b, create("bowlball", 275, 360, 0, 0))); if(firstRun(), assign(c, create("bowlball", 330, 375, 0, 0))); if(firstRun(), assign(d, create("bowlball", 330, 360, 0, 0))); if(firstRun(), assign(e, create("bowlball", 330, 345, 0, 0))); if(firstRun(), assign(f, create("bowlball", 275, 345, 0, 0))); if(firstRun(), addConstraint(a, getX(a), getY(a), 0)); if(firstRun(), addConstraint(b, getX(b), getY(b), 0)); if(firstRun(), addConstraint(c, getX(c), getY(c), 0)); if(firstRun(), addConstraint(d, getX(d), getY(d), 0)); if(firstRun(), addConstraint(e, getX(e), getY(e), 0)); if(firstRun(), addConstraint(f, getX(f), getY(f), 0)); if(firstRun(), setBuddyPos(287, 360)); if(firstRun(), addConstraint("lArm", 275, 355, 0)); if(firstRun(), addConstraint("rArm", 330, 355, 0)); if(firstRun(), addConstraint("body", 300, 360, 0)); shock(getBuddyX()+randomBet(-20, 20), getBuddyY()+randomBet(-20, 20)); Flying shock: ------------- Submitted by:cj copy and past this into ex fountaint=t+1; if(t%2,shock(sin(t*.075)*125+275,cos(t*.052)*100+200,0,0,140,.075,2,2,true),0) and you must have shifter to get buddy up. Unstopable lightning: --------------------- Submitted by: superbad97 buy scripting engine and copy/paste this: (getMouseDown() && bnot(oMouse), playSound("shock",100)+ assign(rr,random()*100)+ assign(n,0)+ assign(t,25)+ loop(t,shock(getXMouse()+sin(n/t*10+rr)*15,n/t*400)+assign(n,n+1) ,0); oMouse = getMouseDown() this code makes it so the lightning keeps going!!! have "fun" w/ your buddy, peace out!!! firey death: ------------ Submitted by: kolokolokoool first go to the scripting access thing and put on ex-explode walls then put run every frame then run it.Next put out all the rubber balls you can.Then light them on fire and light youre buddy on fire.then use earthquake and gravity shifter and boom do what ever u need to do on youre pc why buddy is giving u alot more money. 3 WAYS OF EARNING EASY CASH: ---------------------------- Submitted by: Mario Fan 15 Email: mariofan0015@googlemail.com 1. Buy the gravity Shifter and place it anywhere, then use tickle on your buddy 2. Buy Explode at mouse and click lon your buddy with the tool selected 3. Insert this into the Scripting engine: explode(275,200,100)+ destroy(s), 0 ) HOW TO USE SCRIPT: 1. insert it into the Scripting Engine Access... 2. Ench time you press run once there will be an explosion and your cash will go up (WARINNG: MAY SLOW DOWN YOUR COMPUTOR IF YOU USE RUN ENRY FRAME) 3. Wait untill the Somke is gone. 4. YOUR RICH 😀 Floating Buddy having a seizure: -------------------------------- Submitted by: emo_rainbow First go to "Items" then, go to "Hands" Select "Tickle" Continue tickling your buddy, when it's up in the air, right click then click somewhere else on your screen, your buddy will be up in the air, spewing out money and will have a seizure. Permanent water: ---------------- Submitted by: david p light your buddy on fire then get the fire hose and drag it to the outside then you can bring your mouse back in and you will be spraying water with out holding the mouse. Cannon: ------- Submitted by: pikmin22004 insert this code in the scriping engine acse

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