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International Cricket Captain 2000 Cheats

International Cricket Captain 2000

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Spectacular Scoring:
To continue playing the match even after 50 overs, until all of your batsmen
are out, start by batting first and playing through 50 overs. When you are done
doing so, you’ll have the option to Continue. Instead of doing so, choose the
option to Save & Exit. Then load the game, then immediately Save & Exit again.
Now when you resume the match from there, a “batsman” will bowl all the overs
and will do so alone. There will be no other bowler. This setup allows you to
easily score a bunch of points. Since you’ll be doing a lot of playing, you’ll
want to make things easy on yourself with optimal match settings, and you should
also turn off replays to speed things along.

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