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Interstate ’76 Cheats

Interstate ’76

Blurry Screen
To blur the screen, simultaneously press and hold [Ctrl]+[Shift]. While
holding those buttons, type “WIGGLEBURGER”.

Larger radar perimeter:
Hold [Ctrl]+[Shift] and type thirdnostril.

Level Skip
During a T.R.I.P. mission, simultaneously press and hold [Ctrl]+[Shift]. Then
while holding these buttons, type “GETDOWN”. You should hear Groove say “Get
Down”. At that point you should be attacked by all the other cars. Let yourself
die and you’ll skip to the next mission.

Play as the Helicopter
To play as the helicopter, choose Phaedra Rattler as your vehicle, then enter
“retpocileh” as a variant name.

Poem from Taurus:
Hold [Ctrl]+[Shift] and type freelance. Alternately, just press C.

Play as the Tank
To play as the tank, enter the variant name as “knat”.

Use the Helicopter on the Final Level
At the vehicle selection screen for the final level, click on the helicopter
in the upper left-hand corner.

Play a different Car in the Trip:
Make a cool variant. Don’t use Tank, Milktruck, Tractor Howitzer and Choppers
because they won’t work. (You can use the program hack76.exe if you want a car
with unlimited armor or someting, it’s availiable on the net). Find it in your
ADDON Directory. Copy and Paste it 17 Times.
Rename each one “vppt01.vcf” up to “vppt17.vcf”.
Start a new trip and voila no more Picard Piranha.

View developers:
Drive the bus, then press [Down] to look over your shoulder to see the development

Safe Fatal Falls:
Rapidly press [F12] when your car is about to hit the ground to flip screen resolutions.
Your car will survive the otherwise fatal impact.

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