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Into the Breach Cheats

Into the Breach

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlocking All Squads and Pilots:
Written by AdApt

* Follow these steps:
* Browse to…
* C:Users(USERNAME)DocumentsMy GamesInto The Breach
* Open the folder labeled with your profile name
* Open profile.lua using Notepad ++
* Copy and paste the following text into line 9 and 11, respectively:

[“squads”] = {true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, true, },
[“pilots”] = {“Pilot_Original”, “Pilot_Soldier”, “Pilot_Youth”, “Pilot_Warrior”,
“Pilot_Aquatic”, “Pilot_Medic”, “Pilot_Hotshot”, “Pilot_Genius”, “Pilot_Miner”,
“Pilot_Recycler”, “Pilot_Assassin”, “Pilot_Leader”, “Pilot_Repairman”, “Pilot_Mantis”,
“Pilot_Rock”, “Pilot_Zoltan”, },

* Save and exit the file.
* Start the game and all pilots and squads will be available.

Console Cheats:
Also, you can use the ” ~ ” key to open the console in-game, “help” shows several
cheats, including “rich” which can be fun to mess around with mechs once you’ve
beaten the game a few times, or if you need practice with a specific mech combo,
but want to buy the extra move and hp.

Console Commands:
While playing the game, press Tilde ~ (The key above TAB) to display the console window.
To list all the COMMANDs you can use, open the console in-game and type in help

Code Effect
kill – Kill all enemies in the city
rich – Gives you 1000 rep and 30 power cores
event [name] – Add event
incident [name] – Add incident
invasion – Add invasion event
anim [name] – Test animation
sanim [name] – Test animation (on board square)
reload – Refresh lua scripts
day [number] – Set the current day
unlock all – Gives message saying no longer in release version
makeitso – Unlocks all pilots (Does not give the player secret/special pilots)
unlock ach – Unlocks all achievements
debug – Toggles debug mode
popups – Toggles popups
musc_version – Toggles between music version 1 & 2
gog_clear – Clears all achievements in the gog version of the game.
steam_clear – Clears all achievements in the steam version of the game.

Pressing tab whilst in the console will enter lua mode.

Code Effect
power [value] – Gives/subtracts the number of powergrid specified.
morale [value] – Gives/subtracts the number of powergrid specified.
money [value] – Gives/subtracts the number of reputation specified.
people [value] – Gives/subtracts the number of civilians-saved specified.
cores [value] – Gives/subtracts the number of power-cores specified.
weapon [weapon_name] – Gives the weapons specified, if no weapon is specified a
random weapon is given.
pilot [pilot_name] – Gives the pilot specified, if no pilot is specified a
random pilot is given.
xp [value] – Gives/subtracts the number of xp specified to all pilots,
can level up, cannot by de-leveled.
repair [value] – Gives/subtracts the number of repair kits specified.
text [event_name] – A pilot will say their line for the event specified, if
no event is specified a random line is given instead.
turn [turn_number] – Changes the turn number, meaning the victory in ‘x’ turns
also changes.
reward – Brings up the perfect island rewards.
instantwin – Instantly wins the round.
end – Instantly wins the round.
victory – Causes you to win the game.
snow [value] – Enables snow. Unknown effect of value.
resist – Executes resist special effects.

Things You May Don’t Know:
Written by SpearOfLies

Things that the game doesn’t explain to you.

The amount of spawn points scale with the amount of enemies alive at end of their turn.
More monsters alive, less spawn points. Less monsters alive, more spawn points.
Except for turn 2, you want have 2/3 vek alive at end of their turn to keep the spawn
points at manageable level.

Destroying the last mission’s bomb will only delay the turn count. If your power grid
is extreme low, you can sacrifice the bomb to give you a extra chance.
It may change nothing or make the situation worse, but it’s better than give up.

Building doesn’t suffer fire damage. You can flame thrower through them.

Fire instantly melt ice tile.

Smoke and Freeze can disable Satellite, Earth Mover, Terraformer and A.C.I.D Launcher.

Freezing fly enemies make them have the same weakness of ground enemies. Remember that
if you freeze a fly enemy on a water tile, the water tile became ice tile.
Anything that break the ice before you push them, will remove the weakness.

The train objective doesn’t require to move until the end of map to complete the
objective. You can just freeze it and make it survive until the last turn.

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