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Into the Radius VR Cheats

Into the Radius VR

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Survival Tips and Tricks:
Written by sono himitsu

A compact small guide with tips I wish I had when I started
playing this game.

-=What to be weary of while exploring=-
* Keep an eye on your carry weight. The more Gear or Loot you carry,
the slower you walk & sprint. And the faster your Stamina degrades
when sprinting.
* When exiting a zone, stick close to the Rope that marks the exit.
If you are slightly too far off, it will instead teleport you to
aa random spot on the edge of the zone you are currently in.
* The tide will always teleport the player, no matter where in the
Radius you are, even if you hide in a shelter.
* Enemies will pin point the last location they saw you or heard
noise caused by you.
* Sneaking or crouching does not actually help you staying hidden.
Silencers will.

-=Survival Tips=-
* Look and search room’s thoroughly, look under beds and behind
couches, some times you can find hidden goodies.
* Be mindful of the Terrain when advancing in combat. Mimics will
utilize cover and push you hard often.
* Use Virtual stock for long ranged shots, like if you need to snipe.
It helps a lot with getting a steady aim on long range.
* For long runs, try to bring toilet paper pieces and a cleaning rod
with you and spare silencers if you have the money
* The Headlamp is worth every bit, get it as soon as you can.
* You can toss yourself while climbing, high risk, high reward if you
need to climb fast. Fall damage is severe however.
* When fighting Spawns (spider like enemy) try to walk in a circle to
get it to launch itself in to the floor or a wall, then turn around
and shoot it.
* The red or green flashlight makes it easier to spot almost invisible
enemy types
* You can not really peak corners, since the game does not support hip
tracker. Enemies will see your head and chest when peaking around
* You can drop off any extra supplies at any shelter for later use to
resupply on spare weapons or ammo etc. Worth it for exploring areas
that hold a lot of enemies.
* Always check your weapons safety and ammo before engaging in combat,
especially if you plan on taking on a big compound.
* Prioritize taking out a spawner anomaly, they emit an electric static
sound and take 1 shot to kill.
* These are some personal tips and suggestions I wish I had when I
started playing the game back then.

I hope it may help you to stay alive out there.

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