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Ion Fury Cheats

Ion Fury

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

To use cheat codes in Ion Fury go to the Options menu, then Cheats, then Enter Cheat
Code and add in the codes below. You can start a new game, or load up a save file,
and go to the Cheats menu again and toggle the cheats on or off as you see fit.
You will get a message on-screen confirming when a cheat is working.

Code Effect
IMLOST – Reveals the full map.
IMAFK – Gives all weapons, ammo, keys, etc.
IMGOD – God Mode, so basic immortality
IMFREE – Turns off clipping allowing you to walk through walls.
IMREALBUILDER – Show the debug data.
IMD4N – Combines IMAFK and IMGOD.

Pressing shift and tilde gives you access to the games console, and allows you
to warp between levels. By typing the below command for levels 1 through 5.

changelevel 3 1
changelevel 3 2
changelevel 3 3
changelevel 3 4
changelevel 3 5

-=Alternative Way=-

add this to settings.cfg:
cl_cheatmask -1
paste it in front of wchoice at end of file
“C:Users{username}AppDataRoamingIon Furysettings.cfg”

Solve Loneliness
Toggle God Mode
Give Everything
Toggle Flying
Toggle Show All Map
Toggle Clipping
Pause AI
Feel the Payne
Break the Map
Toggle Debug Data Dump

Secret Level – Executive Disorder:
There is a piano in the Executive Disorder level that, when played properly, will
reveal a purple keycard needed to access the secret level. In order to activate it,
press the WHITE keys, numbered from left to right, in this order. (Black keys are
not counted for numbering purposes)

9, 8, 6, 9, 8, 4. If entered correctly, the floor will sink down, and the purple
keycard will be in a little alcove behind you. Once you’ve beaten the boss, and
descend in a long elevator ride, the locked purple door will be nearby, leading
to the secret level.

Cheat Codes:
On the title screen, select “Options”, then on the Options menu, select “Cheats”.
On the Cheats menu, click “Enter Cheat Code”, and a new window will open, allowing
you to type in a code.

Note that while the cheats themselves are not permanent, the list of cheats will
remain permanently in your cheats list in the options menu.

IMLONELY – Solve Loneliness
IMGOD – Toggle God Mode
IMAFK – Give Everything
IMLIFTED – Toggle Flying
IMLOST – Toggle Show All Map
IMFREE – Toggle Clipping
IMLIKEMAX – Feel the Payne
IMDUMB – Break the Map
IMREALBUILDER – Toggle Debug Data Dump
Ion Fury Cheats (Alternative Way)
Use the console to enter this command:

cl_cheatmask -1
by pressing Shift + ~ keys
Type “cl_cheatmask -1” without the “” marks
then press the Enter key.

Gives all cheats listed below:

Solve Loneliness
Toggle God Mode
Give Everything
Toggle Flying
Toggle Show All Map
Toggle Clipping
Pause AI
Feel the Payne
Break the Map
Toggle Debug Data Dump
Other commands that give cheats in the console:

cl_cheatmask 0
removes all cheats

cl_cheatmask 1
gives Solve Loneliness cheat only

cl_cheatmask 2
gives Toggle God Mode cheat only

cl_cheatmask 4
gives Give Everything cheat only

cl_cheatmask 128
gives Toggle Flying cheat only

cl_cheatmask 512
gives Toggle Show All Map cheat only

cl_cheatmask 2048
gives Toggle Clipping cheat only

cl_cheatmask 16384
gives Pause AI cheat only

cl_cheatmask 131072
gives Feel the Payne cheat only

cl_cheatmask 262144
gives Break the Map cheat only

cl_cheatmask 1048576
gives Toggle Debug Data Dump cheat only

To add multi-cheats add the numbers together:

cl_cheatmask 1460871
gives all cheats 1+2+4+128+512+2048+16384+262144+1048578=1460871

cl_cheatmask 7
gives Solve Loneliness, Toggle God Mode, & Give All cheats (1+2+4=7)

cl_cheatmask 640
gives Toggle Flying, & Toggle Show All Map cheats (128+512=640)

cl_cheatmask 4294967295
would be the same as entering cl_cheatmask -1

thanks @iceteaman

Beyond The Cheat: Console Work and GameVars:
Written by xcotrdx

Looking under the hood is an interesting time. Maybe the Loverboy didn’t have
enough kick and the Disperser took to long to reload for your liking. Perhaps
gravity felt like it was weighing down on you. Using the console, symbol list,
and dump, there are a heap of gamevars and other options that could be tweaked.

-=Introduction: Scraping Around=-
From time to time there’s a need to poke around a bit further. Old Build Engine
junkies have configured, tweaked, and modded just for the sake of doing so.
Being able to change certain aspects of the game could be considered cheating,
but so much of it is doing it for its own sake.

By opening the console, running list symbols, and looking at fury.log after a
game dump, it can be seen that there are a pile of variables that can be changed.
This guide is just going to start looking around.

It most certainly could be construed that these changes might be considered
“CHEATING” by many, but Ion Fury doesn’t seem to mind too much.

Because some folks won’t want to dive in all the way,
here’s an appetizer:

* Open your console in game with “shift + ~”
* Type “setvar graviationalconstant 10” and hit enter
* Type “WEAPON1_SHOTSPERBURST 20” and hit enter
* Type “maxhealth 400” and hit enter
* Go test a low gravity environment with a shotgun-like revolver and a serious
boost of health.

-=The List of Symbols=-
The list of “symbols” that are accessible from the console are reached by typing
“listsymbol”. This pulls the entire list of available commands accessible.
There are some 248, so listing them here is not ideal.

Some of the most interesting ones are: addlogvar, setvar and setvarvar, maxhealth,
and give. Other guides online do go into more detail about the cheat use cases for
give, god, and activatecheat, so I hope to expand upon how to use a small subset of
the available tools.

Opening the console with “shift + ~” opens the console. Typing in one of the listed
above without arguments will pull the consoles default help options for each. One
thing that I did find helpful was using the dump cheat to gather the list of symbols
once you’ve typed it in, and gathering a very large list of game variables.

-=GameVars and Basic Changes=-
eDuke32’s wiki does a great job at explaining how commands, scripts, and gamevars
work under the hood in the CON files, but much is applicable in-game. The best bet
is to look there for a more in-depth look at how things go. This guide is just going
to poke around to help those interested in messing around to do so.

-=Super basic understanding=-
“addlogvar” and “setvar” are the two commands in the console that are most relevant

addlogvar will display the current value of the variable.
Ex. addlogvar p_armor_type

This will return the current armor type 0-2 that the player is wearing. By changing
it with “setvar” (ex. setvar p_armor_type 2) the user can change the armor to heavy
armor (2) assuming they have any armor values (if the player does not have any armor
the armor will not take).

Gravity is set with the gravity constant. By manipulating this variable the game’s
floating mechanics can be altered.

Example: Weapons
Weapon 1 is the Loverboy. A number of variables define its operation.
A look below shows a handful.


Each variable represents a different attribute of the weapon.
The wiki defines them in the pre-defined attributes list.

In-game, if one wanted a Loverboy that had half the reload time and blasted away
like a shotgun one could open the console and do the following:

setvar WEAPON1_RELOAD 30

This setup cuts the number of frames in half for the reload and increases the number
of “shots”, as defined by the weapons mechanics, to 15.

Other fun variables include maxhealth, gravityconstant, and p_armor_type.

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