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Ion Maiden Cheats

Ion Maiden

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

On the title screen, select “Options”, then on the Options menu, select
“Cheats”. On the Cheats menu, click “Enter Cheat Code”, and a new window
will open, allowing you to type in a code.

Once the code has been entered, start a new game, or load an existing game,
then pause and open the “Options” menu, then the “Cheats” menu, and click
any of the cheats that are listed to toggle them. You’ll see a message in
the upper left corner of the screen confirming that the cheat is active
(for example, the God Mode cheat says: “cheater! god mode on”).

Enter any of the following codes to produce the following effects.

Note that while the cheats themselves are not permanent, the list of cheats
will remain permanently in your cheats list in the options menu.

Enter these codes during gameplay.

Code Effect
IMGOD – Toggles God Mode (Invincibility).
IMAFK – Give Everything.
IMFREE – Toggles clipping (walk through walls).
IMLOST – Display entire map.
IMREALBUILDER – Toggle Debug Data.

-=Console Commands=-
Pressing Shift and Tilde (The key above TAB) at the same time within the
game gives you the console.

changelevel 3 ? # = Level Warp, #=level number, from 1-5 so far.

You can jump to any of the five beta levels by typing one of the following

changelevel 3 1
changelevel 3 2
changelevel 3 3
changelevel 3 4
changelevel 3 5

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